What Your Shoes Say About You

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Originals Mens Boat Shoes

You graduated from Princeton with a degree in Economics but feel tentative about the obvious career choice. Merrill Lynch can wait, and besides, you know all too well from your parents that money can’t buy “happiness,” in a spiritual sense, just a lot of caviar and oysters on a boat. Seems like this nautical theme has been following you around since childhood. You might just do some freelance consulting — after a trip to Burma or Laos — for a non-profit, before maybe joining the Peace Corps. In the mean time, have a lite beer on some Adirondack chairs at your family’s lakeside summer cottage with your creative writer girlfriend who brought her banjo. Soft hours pass, the cheese spread sweating under the sun. I guess there’s more to life than success, and socks.

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