14 Ways To Tell The Difference Between A Good Guy And A Fuckboy

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14 Ways To Tell The Difference Between A Good Guy And A Fuckboy
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1. “One makes you feel special; the other makes you feel used.”

2. “The fuckboy is fun. The good guy pays the bills.”

3. “Good guy won’t play with your feelings; fuckboy likes to string u along.”

4. “Easy….don’t sleep with him right away when he advances and instead try to get to know him better for a few weeks….SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

5. “Women don’t like ‘good guys,’ lol. Women love chaos & excitement until their mid-30s, five kids and two abusive relationships later. Then suddenly they want that guy who’s ‘boring’ & doesn’t have children out of wedlock.”

6. “A good guy is God-conscious: He prays, loves children, gives charity, forgive, and is willing to wait when you are ready to have sex with him, even until marriage.”

7. “Of course, then there are also the gals who settle down with the boring stable guy from the get-go only to see that guy later turn into one of the chaotic assholes after life gets too good and comfortable and a couple of kids are already in the picture. I see that a lot, too.”

8. “Just wanna say a fuckboy can be a good guy but just not ready for or wanting any kind of commitment apart from a booty call after 9pm—slut’s hours—a good guy will make his intentions known from the get-go. I wouldn’t recommended hightailing it home with any guy, as they’re more likely to never see you again afterwards. A good guy to date actually will go out of his way to see you and find out about you. He will treat his mum with respect; his friends too. He can show gentleness with you and be able to be vulnerable with you. He will be honest and open with you, he will happily introduce you to his friends and family, be supportive of your goals and ambitions….he sticks around and keeps coming back.”

9. “Don’t be foolish. Whomever you are that’s asking, you already know. Everyone always knows. Your instincts… your ‘gut’ will *always* warn you, via doubt, and hesitation, and hurt, and resentment. *Everybody* **ALWAYS** knows… they just use their cleverness to talk themselves around/out-of what they know is bad for them…because they’re trying to ‘fix’ their loneliness, or their anxiety, or some unresolved issue from childhood with artificially imposed justifications/excuses. *Trust* your gut. Your *mind* has only had however many years old you are to figure shit out, but your instincts have—literally—*millions* of years of experience saving you from predators and other dangers.”

10. “My good guy looked at me like I was every bit the terrible monster I am instead of like I was a piece of meat. Therefore, he does not need to know first hand what a she-demon straight from hell I am.”

11. “One’s a narcissist and the other isn’t. But everyone has their own issues you’ll have to deal with. It Just depends on who you want to invest your time in.”

12. “Good guys are those men that stood up on what they believe that is right even though it suck on the side of who they like or their partner.. F***boys agree and agree even though its not good for their partner, they always side on their girl or partner even if its wrong.”

13. “F-boy will ask for sex within weeks. Good guys will ask after a year (after fancy dinners). In the of the day both will eventually ask, trust no man.”

14. You can’t always tell at the beginning. Time will tell when you’re in some kind of relationship with them, and you must have the courage to let them go when you realize that they are. Sometimes we meet somebody that we feel are good, but we aren’t attracted to (not because they’re good) because they don’t possess superficialities that evoke sexual desire.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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