33 Little Affirmations For Anyone Struggling With Anxiety







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This is for anyone who is hurting right now, it's okay. I know it feels like this is your forever, it's not. It's just your right now. I know you want the old you back, but to want that would be unfair to the change in you that has every right to take place. Day by day we change. Moment by moment we grow into different versions of ourselves. Every person, place, thing and event, good and bad, causes an irreversible shift in us. It is all meant to be. Right now is meant to be. This struggle is meant to be. There is no old you, there is no new you, there is only the you that is right now and that you is meant to be. That you is worth loving. The you that is right now is in the midst of change and I promise you this: you will come out of this a stronger, kinder and wiser version of yourself. You may feel like this is happening to you, but it is happening for you. Let yourself feel, let yourself heal, let yourself shift, modify, and expand. It can be uncomfortable, it can get painful, it may feel like you're suffering at times- but they're called growing pains for a reason and one day you will get to the point where you see the beauty in your becoming. Now is the time to pull out all of the stops; make an appointment to see a mental health professional, reach out to your support system, eliminate toxic people/things/triggers from your life, do the things that bring you happiness, practice patience, take care of yourself, advocate for yourself, cancel plans if you need to (your friends will understand) and love yourself louder than you ever have before. Repeat after me: I am a work in progress. I am learning how to manage my mental illness so it can no longer manage me. I can still love and be loved through this difficult time. This is not my forever, this is just my right now. I can learn to love the person I am becoming.

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Thank you so much for all the lovely little things many of you said on my post from last night. My words, my story, are only meant to be a tiny light of hope for you because I truly believe in the power of sharing. But I don't ever want my willingness to share my journey cause you to compare or belittle your progress or get frustrated with the speed of your own recovery. (Not that any of you made me feel that way but some comments made me want to clarify something!) I worked/work my booty off to get where I am today and I know others who have shared their stories have worked hard at their recovery as well and it truly lifts me higher to know that so many of us are in this together. If there is anything we have learned in this community it is that we are far from alone. There are 63,400 people following this account. That is 63,400 different versions of recovery and NOT A SINGLE ONE looks identical. Some of us may share similarities but there are no two recovery stories that are the same. Just because I am farther than I once was doesn't mean you should be frustrated that you aren't further along. Just because someone else is able to get out of bed and right now you aren't doesn't mean you never will. Just because someone can smile and mean it doesn't mean one day you won't. We're all going at different paces, at different times, with different circumstances, support systems, bodies, and most importantly, different ways of healing. But we are all in this together. I could very well fall into a funk tomorrow, that doesn't mean I get to be angry with myself because I see other people who are still trucking along. No. If I compared my growth to everyone else's I would drive myself crazy! So even I have to remind myself that sharing is for comfort not comparison. Recovery isn't linear- there's ups, downs, zigzags, dips, peaks, and plateaus. It's a messy drawing of squiggly lines and circles and shapes but it is YOUR drawing. And each and every one of us will reach our mental health goals when it's our time. So give yourself a big ol' hug right now and try and be good with your unique journey, trust the timing of it and get excited about what's to come. Thank you💚

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New day 💚 Happy Friday, everyone!

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By me, for you.

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Hello all. You may have noticed that in the last month or so I haven't been as active on this account as I usually am. My absence is not due to a loss of interest, desire to use my voice or my willingness to provide a safe community for you but I've just been dealing with other things outside of this page. A few weeks ago I was happily given more responsibilities at work which in turn had me feeling more exhausted after work than I usually am. What would be considered a small, new task for others meant a big adjustment for me and that's okay. I'm also excited to share that a month and a half ago I made the decision to become a vegetarian. With this change I have experienced expected physical changes like low energy (I am still learning what supplements/vitamins I should be taking now- I think I've finally found the right regimen). And to be honest, with the new {and positive} changes at work and this drastic change in diet, my free time has been spent becoming one with the couch- my roommate can confirm this. I simply haven't had the energy to workout, be social or the brain power to write. I'm sorry for this. And mixed in with this is the ebb and flow of my recovery and that pattern will always reflect in the activity of this account. Sometimes I will have to take breaks, take a step back, or take a back seat and let this community breathe on its own. But I don't want my self-care breaks to come off as ignorant, neglectful, or careless. Please remember I am human 🙂I work full-time, have a family, a social life, a boyfriend, responsibilities, and most importantly a mental illness that will always come first. I see other accounts(not just mental illness related ones) consistently posting and to be honest I get jealous. But I have to remind myself that I need to practice what I preach here which is self-care and do the best I can. If I don't do that I am no good to you guys or myself. The past 3 days I have been feeling rather blue. It's been during this time I realized how much I appreciate the strength this community produces so my plan is to jump back in as much as I am able and be the voice I so proudly love being. Thank you for understanding! 💚

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In this moment I am okay. In this moment I am safe. In this moment I am grounded. In this moment I have all that I need-my favorite sweater, cozy socks, apple cinnamon potpourri burning on the stove, a comfy couch beneath my weight, candles burning on my coffee table, my dog on the floor next to me, the heat warming up my home, the World Series on my tv, and a full stomach. In this moment I am present, I am here, I am well, and I am grateful. Grateful for all of the little things in my life that just are and make up what I am feeling right now; calm, content, and happy. Grateful for the moments that don't include an anxious mind over the past or future. Grateful for the here, grateful for the now. Feel free to share your gratitude or daily affirmation below💚 Also, Go Cubs.

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Having an anxiety disorder, there are two different inner dialogues I hear on a daily basis- my own and my anxiety's. Most of the time I struggle with which voice to listen to, especially when they both sound like my own. But listening to the thoughts isn't the problem, it's believing them. And It's easy to believe everything you hear when they are being birthed from your own mind. What an unfair challenge trying to decide what is truth and what is a symptom of your mental illness. "Did I actually insult that person or is my anxiety telling me I did?" "Is Andrew falling out of love with me or is my brain telling me he is?" That's where thought replacement is extremely helpful. As soon as I hear my anxiety feeding me lies I stop and ask myself, "Is this thought really true or is it just a symptom?" 99.99999% of the time it is just a symptom. So right now I want you to imagine that a negative thought is like a seed being planted in your brain- the more attention you give it the faster it grows. But instead of overanalyzing and obsessing over it I want you to instead imagine taking a shovel to that seed, scooping it out and replacing it with a seed of your own. "I'm worthless" gets swapped out for "I am strong." "I am weak" gets swapped out for "I have a good heart." That is the seed you want to tend to. That is the truth. That is you. It's not an easy practice. It takes patience. But the next time you hear a voice whispering that you aren't good enough, lovable, smart, worthy, etc. I want you to tell yourself, "This is just a thought and it's a symptom of my anxiety. It is not real. I acknowledge this thought but I'm choosing to let this thought go. It does not serve me." Then I want you to say something positive to yourself. In fact do it right now in the comments! Share a negative and untrue thought your brain often wants you to believe and then share a true statement afterward. Swap out the seeds 🌱 I'll go first. Anxiety's seed: "You insulted them. You're so rude. How do you have any friends?" My seed: "You would never intentionally say something rude to someone to make them upset. You always treat everyone with respect." Now share your swap👇🏼

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By me, from me. Take care of you. Goodnight, everyone.

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