5 Types Of Guy Crushes All Girls Experience (And Why They Suck)

image - Flickr / Brandon Warren
image – Flickr / Brandon Warren

Oh, crushes. How we loathe thee, let me count the ways. Everyone in the world has experienced the pitfalls of having a crush. The crush struggle unites us all. It’s a hard knock life building someone up and then having to move on if it doesn’t work out. But saying you have a crush on someone is much too simple. Crushing is so much more complex than that. Here are the different types of crushes we all go experience in life and why they all suck.

1. The Attractive Stranger

This is the most common and superficial crush of them all. I swear I have this type of crush on a weekly basis. Maybe you’re in a coffee shop and a tattooed stud stands in front of you in line. Maybe you’re at the gym and a guy with great biceps walks by. There is no exchange of words between you two. You never even get their name. This crush is based supremely on physical looks alone. But it happens to us all. Experiencing this crush sucks because nothing happens. Nothing. Most of the time we never see this person again so all we can do is daydream about what might’ve been. All we see is a pretty face. Oh, blissful ignorance!

2. The Forbidden Love

This crush sucks so much, trust me I know. This is when you have a crush on your sibling’s best friend or your best friend’s significant other. These people are off-limits; you are not allowed to like them. Crushing on these people complicates everything for everyone. You act weird around them because they are so damn irresistible, but you can’t actually act on your feelings. What would happen if your best friend or sibling found out? Yea, they’d be pissed. The only thing you can really do about this crush is suck it up and try your hardest to move on. Stifle those emotions because making the moves on these crushes would be fatal.

3. The Actual Interest

Honestly, this is the best type of crush you can have because it is actually based on personality. These crushes appeal to you because they are kind, intelligent, funny, etc. This is the crush that has the potential to transform into a relationship. Maybe you start to like a friend of yours or you get set up on a fantastic blind date. Either way this crush is the best! Unless it isn’t reciprocated, then it’s awful. Once you voice your interest there is no turning back so make sure you’re prepared for anything your love interest might say.

4. The I’ve Known You Forever

This crush is born out of familiarity. Maybe it’s your old high school flame, maybe it’s your best friend. These are the crushes you develop simply because you know this person so deeply. You know their habits, their dislikes, their favorite dinner dishes, their dreams. It’s almost as if you can’t help yourself when it comes to this person. They’re like gravity, they keep you grounded. Who wouldn’t crush on someone like that? This can be a hard crush to deal with though because sometimes you can’t bring yourself to change your view of this person. They’re almost like a sibling to you and that can be a hard thing to change, even if you do secretly like them deep down.

5. The Fairytale

Ah, yes the too good to be true crush. You crush on these people because they are perfect. These people tend to be celebrities, musicians, artists, etc. The people who are so talented, so good looking, so sweet, that you almost swoon at the mention of their name. A lot of times you never meet this crush; this is similar to the attractive stranger crush. The difference between the two is that while the fairytale may be a stranger, you like them for more than just their looks. Yay, it’s not the most superficial crush you can have. But there’s only a 2% chance you will actually meet your fairytale crush. That sucks. That really sucks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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