You Owe It To Yourself To Stop Lying About Your Feelings

Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia

If there’s one thing I want you to do for yourself, it is this: Stop lying to yourself.

I want you to stop saying you don’t feel something when you do. I want you to stop saying you’re okay when you’re the furthest thing from it.

I want you to know what you are feeling for someone and never apologize for it. Why? Because they are your emotions, your feelings, your weak knees, your heart beating. You are allowed to feel for someone, regardless if they feel for you or not, because your emotions are valid.

I don’t really care if the feelings are reciprocated or mutual or whatever the hell else they could be. The point is, you still care about this person. They’re still the person you think about every day. To you, they are what makes sense. In this crazy ass world, they somehow keep you sane. Without them, you struggle.

I don’t want you to lie about the way you feel because you fear you’ll look stupid. If you can’t “just be friends” with someone, then say that. If you always want more, voice that. Suppressing your emotions and feelings for another human being will only hurt you.

Because if there’s one thing I realized, it is that trying to pretend that you don’t care, doesn’t make you care any less.

It’s a charade, an act that can go on and on for days, weeks, months, and years. And all you’re left with is all of these emotions that weigh in you every step of the way, waiting to defeat you at the finish line.

Deep down, you know how you feel. You know who keeps you up at night, who makes you tick, and who you want by your side.

No, this person may never be the person you end up with. But don’t hide yourself away because you fear rejection. Do speak your mind, voice your thoughts and see where it goes.
Sure, this will inevitably change things. You could end up with this person. Or it could cause disconnection between the two of you, forcing you to go separate ways. However, keeping all of these emotions bottled up will only lead to a slow, inner-struggle that you will have to endure on your own.

But I don’t want that for you.

I want you to be honest from now on.

I want you to own how you feel and voice how you feel.

And I never, ever want you to apologize for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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