This Video Of Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Lip Syncing Will Stab Your Worries In The Throat


How is Paul Rudd such an unstoppable treasure? It’s like he came from a factory where they extract the essences of 300 fresh puppies and shove them in the skin-shell of an adorable dude and then throw him out like a beach ball at a concert if the concert was the whole world and you wanted to marry the beach ball. Unfortunately, it appears that factory shut down after making Paul Rudd, probably because all the workers promptly quit their jobs to follow him around forever.

Also, it’s not my proudest moment when every little thing that is wrong in my life can be radically corrected by 6 minutes of grown men lip syncing, but honestly, let’s not judge any source of healing.

A non-exhaustive list of things I’m temporarily relieved of anxiety from after watching this video:

  • Paying rent next week (fucking short February. Jeez, get some more days like a real month.)
  • Dry winter skin
  • Fukushima
  • Not being able to remember which of the 4 old razors sitting in my shower is the “good, new-ish” one and being afraid of getting tetanus/razor burn if I accidentally use an old one.
  • That weird sound my car has been making that I’ve been pretending not to hear but is slowly creeping into my nightmares.
  • Whether, at the age of 27, my hotness has peaked. Like, are we done here? Did I miss the transition from “I’m still young and finding my perfect style groove and will continue getting hotter as I get older and figure out how to look and feel my best” to “Annnnd now you’re getting old”? Is it all downhill now?
  • The fact that my internet keeps going out while my cable TV remains fully functional, despite the fact that they are provided by the same company. And no, it’s not my router.
  • Whether or not I’m still able to forge meaningful relationships with people or if my general disdain for humanity has reached a point where a person pretty much has to be grandfathered in from a time when I was young and hopeful enough to invest energy in developing friendships with new people.
  • The ongoing debate over whether or not to get bangs. Like you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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