25 Best Code Words For Being On Your Period

  1. Shark Week
  2. Surfing the crimson wave (will never go out of style.)
  3. Having your garage painted
  4. Joining the cast of Pad Men
  5. Baby is in the corner
  6. Birthing a blood diamond
  7. On Wednesdays we wear pink
  8. Paging Edward Cullen
  9. Parting the Red Sea
  10. Kelly Kapowski can’t make it to cheerleading practice
  11. The tomato soup is on the boil
  12. Red Wedding
  13. Red sails in the sunset
  14. Being dishonorably discharged from the Uterine Navy
  15. Riding the cotton pony
  16. Postponing your visit to Maury, aka, Not The Father Week
  17. Carrie at the prom
  18. Miss Scarlett has returned to Tara
  19. Rusty pipes
  20. Ordering clams with red sauce
  21. Smoking a lady cigar
  22. Massacre at the Y
  23. Arts and crafts week at Panty Camp
  24. The Great Flood Cometh
  25. Cleansing your palate Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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