9 Possible Reasons Why He/She Isn’t Texting You Back

500 Days Of Summer
500 Days Of Summer

So the guy you went out with last night hasn’t responded to your, “Had a great time with you!  Let’s do it again soon!” text yet, and it’s already 9:30am the following morning.  WTF?! Or the girl you’ve been texting every day for a whole 2 weeks didn’t respond to your daily, “Good morning ; ) ” text…It’s been 38 minutes already! She always responds within 3.  What gives?!

Here are some possible reasons why he/she isn’t texting you back.

1. You’re being impatient.

Our desire to get things immediately has turned into a vital necessity.  We stream and binge watch entire TV show seasons in a mere few days, so we expect everything to be that instantaneous.  Take a breath, put the phone down, and wait. Patience is a virtue my friend.  Learn it.

2. You’re abusing the read receipts.

If you see that someone has read your message and hasn’t responded yet, do NOT send them a question mark, a ‘Hello??’ text, or a sad face emoji to express your dismay in their response time.  They got the first message, hence you seeing the read receipt.

3. He/She died.

If you think that not getting a response right away warrants a follow up text from you saying, “OMG are you alive?!” text, then you deserve a response of, “No, I am dead.”  Calm down crazy.

4. He/She really did die.

Or has some other type of emergency that is preventing him/her from responding to your text.

5. He/She has a life.

Surprise! Maybe friends, a job, hobbies, or even a crazy combination of all these things *gasps

6. You used a winky face emoticon.

You know one of these ; )  Seriously?  Who doesn’t have emojis now?? Get it together.  Also, winky faces are creepy, not cute.  Just stop.

7. You’re being needy.

Phones are for the convenience of the person who has the phone, not others.   Stop expecting people to be at your beck and call. 

8. His/Her phone died.

I mean, who doesn’t carry a charger around with them? Crazy right? No, actually.  It happens.  Rarely, but it happens.  Wait a few minutes, and they will most likely have found someone with a charger to use.

9. He/She isn’t interested.

Plain and simple.  Take a hint, stop wasting your time, and find someone who is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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