50 Great Words That People Never Use (But Should)

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Found on AskReddit.

1. Affable

Friendly and easy-going.

2. Apoplexy

A state of freaking out.

3. Asunder

Ripped to shreds.

4. Bamboozled

Fooled in a big and embarrassing way.

5. Bereft

Completely devoid of or without something.

6. Cacophony

A headache-inducing symphony of noise.

7. Cantankerous

Mean and cranky.

8. Crestfallen

Extremely sad and disappointed.

9. Defenestration

The act of getting pushed out of a window.

10. Dilly-dally

Wasting time; same as “lallygagging.”

11. Disingenuous

Not honest or sincere.

12. Exacerbate

Making a bad situation worse.

13. Feckless

Weak or worthless.

14. Flabbergasted

Shocked to the point where your jaw hangs open.

15. Glower

To glare at someone angrily.

16. Hoi polloi

The common people.

17. Indolent


18. Indubitably

Without a doubt.

19. Jabberwocky

Someone whose strength comes from their stupidity.

20. Kibosh

Putting an end to something. Ex: ‘We put the kibosh on that business deal.’

21. Lachrymose


22. Lackadaisical

Aimless and lazy

23. Malarky


24. Mamihlapinatapai

A staring contest that goes nowhere.

25. Masticate

Chewing on food.

26. Nettled


27. Nonplussed

Surprised, amazed, speechless.

28. Obfuscate

To make something unclear.

29. Overmorrow

The day after tomorrow.

30. Pecuniary


31. Peristalsis

The contraction of muscles that moves food through the intestines.

32. Penultimate

Second to last.

33. Penury

Extreme poverty.

34. Perfunctory

Carried out with no effort or thought.

35. Plethora

Lots of something.

36. Podunk

A small rural town.

37. Putrescent

Disgusting, nauseating.

38. Rapscallion

A boy who doesn’t behave.

39. Rigmarole

Nonsense words that avoid the question

40. Rotund


41. Sanctimonious

Someone who acts holier than thou

42. Sate


43. Shindig

A large celebration.

44. Succor

To give relief and support.

45. Swilking

The movement of liquid inside a container.

46. Teetotaler

A person who doesn’t drink alcohol.

47. Troglodyte

A caveman; used to describe dumb or backwards people.

48. Widdershins


49. Yonder

Over there in the distance.

50. Zugzwang

A situation in chess where all moves lead to checkmate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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