Authenticity And Laziness Are Related And The Reason May Surprise You

Authenticity And Laziness Are Related And The Reason May Surprise You

“You’re just like you are on Instagram.”⁣

I did a book launch party in LA the other day and I received that wonderful compliment. Yeah, I strive to be authentic, but the reason may surprise you. It’s not because I have some supreme sense of personal integrity or heightened self-esteem. It’s not because I value truth more than most. It’s just because I’m lazy. ⁣

Living in a way that aligns with my highest values, integrity, and desires is obviously a delicious goal, but it’s also the easiest decision possible.

Let’s dive in. ⁣

Here are a few unexpected reasons that authenticity is the most efficient life decision you can make.

  1. When I live authentically, there are less things to keep track of in my mind. I don’t have to pretend or remember the fibs and fables I’ve lied about living. I don’t have to keep an eye on what truth I told today. I can just live. Less shit to remember? That feels easy. ⁣
  2. It’s inevitable that people will be upset, disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, and irritated by me. Although unintentional, it’s also unavoidable, right? That’s just a part of life. And if it’s going to happen anyway, it seems simpler to be myself and piss people off rather than pretending to be someone else AND STILL PISS PEOPLE OFF. Less effort but the same outcome? That feels easy.⁣
  3. You know how much time and energy it takes to always be worrying about what he said and she thinks and what they’ll say? Too much damn work. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, am I right? Besides, I’d rather spend my time doing shit I love. More time to focus on fulfillment? That feels easy.⁣
  4. I’m the only one of me. That’s a gift and a blessing, and what it means is that no matter the relationship, I can never be fully replaced. As my man, Macklemore, raps, “No other person on this earth could ever take my job.” Being fully myself is job security. Not being fearful of anyone ever replacing me? That feels easy.⁣

This may be an oversimplification of a whole bunch of complex ideas, but I really do believe it’s better to upset people by being real rather than upsetting them by being fake.⁣

For a lazy and/or efficient human, authenticity is the only logical decision. It’s simply a rational choice to avoid doing more work than necessary. This frees up space to fill with love, beauty, fun, giggles, and all kinds of sparkly and glittery sunshine-covered rainbows and unicorns.⁣ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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