Your Biggest Regret That Became Your Greatest Lesson In 2017 Based On Your Zodiac

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Not Putting Yourself First

Libras are known for being the beautiful social butterfly that they are. They have many diverse friend groups and they like to please everyone. Everyone loves you for this Libra, you can’t help it that you are popular. Yet, by pleasing everyone you are usually constantly running around for other people. You are the first person everyone calls for a favor. You rarely say no, and you always overbook yourself. By doing everything for everyone first, you are subconsciously always putting yourself last. This behavior could possibly be rooted to deeper psychological problems.

While it seems like Libras are always “too nice” sometimes they put others first because they have no idea how to put themselves first. Libras have no idea what they want; they can’t make a decision to save their life. Therefore it is always easier for Libras to do what the other person wants. This act can be masked as being “too kind” however most of the time this could be simple avoidance.

Libras are the type of people that go to 4 New Years Eve parties before midnight. They avoid decisions and confrontations like the plague. They can be very spiritual—Libras greatly believe in fate and destiny. They believe everything will fall into place, because most of the time everything has worked out for charming Libra. However this year they realized by not putting themselves first they are gently letting opportunities fly away. By constantly swallowing their pride, they have become too satisfied with settling. Libras have gently pushed away their desires in exchange for comfort. They have traded their wants for their need of peace.

In 2017, Libras have learned that you only have one life, and it is not everyone else’s. They need to stop chasing people and start chasing their passion. The people in your life (as long as you are good to them, and they are good people) they are not going anywhere. However your future won’t be going anywhere if you always put others first.


Not Knowing What You Have Until It’s Gone

The grass is always greener in a Scorpio’s mind. Scorpios have a bad case of not enough. They are extremely goal-oriented and determined. However not everything in life is a race, and people are not pawns in your games. The truth is Scorpio you have it pretty good, but your pretty little mind can dream too big sometimes. I am not telling you to stop dreaming (never stop dreaming), however reality can be pretty amazing too sometimes and it seems like you do not always appreciate that.

Scorpios are big on improvement, yet when you are always onto the next you can be losing what you already have. It’s sad, but true: “You do not know what you have until it is gone.” Scorpios can easily get lost with their intense passion, they can lose sight of what truly matters. Not everything is a competition. You need to learn to be complete without always having “it all.” Winning isn’t everything; keeping your pride is not worth losing your love. Whether you are right or wrong, no one is winning if your partner does not feel good enough. Scorpios have incredibly high standards, at times they can subconsciously make their partner feel inadequate.

You are a tough cookie to please Scorpio. Remember to say thank you before everyone gives up on you. You may be the creme de la creme, yet everyone has their limits. If you do not appreciate the people in your life they will one day walk away. Everyone needs to feel wanted (not just you). People will stop trying, if they feel like they are getting nothing back.

In 2017 Scorpios learned “having it all” isn’t everything, it is also not attainable.


Not Keeping Your Word

Sagittarius is the Yes Man of the zodiac. Sags are one of the most adventurous signs. They live to seize the day, they catch flights not feelings. They make every moment count. With that being said they have a tragic case of FOMO (feeling of missing out), thus they tend to overbook themselves like a lot. Meaning they say yes to absolutely every plan that comes their way, but they continue to stick to no commitments.

“Promise Me No Promises” was the 2017 Sagittarius theme song. However you can’t stay mad at the fun-loving Sag—it is like hating a puppy. They look at you with those big eyes (even though, they totally just ate your favourite shoes) and they say sorry and all is forgiven. Sagittarius means well, they do not mean to be harmful. They are benign not malignant.

Even though we always forgive you Sagittarius, you should not make it a habit letting people down. The people in your life can start feeling taken for granted. The more you keep flaking, the less you will be invited. You do not have to go every party, but at least RSVP yes or no and mean it.

Sagittarius is the cute baby sibling of the zodiac. They can get away with bloody murder by just batting their eyelashes. Just because you can get away with it, does not mean it is right. One day karma will catch up on you, and when you need someone they will be “too busy” (just like you were when they needed you).

In 2017 Sagittarius saw the other side of waiting. They realized it isn’t all just fun and games, when you are the one waiting up for someone just to be left disappointed. Sagittarius learned to respect people’s time, because they do not like it when others waste theirs.


Not Giving Up (On People You Should Have Given Up On)

A Capricorn has not met a challenge they have not conquered. Their sign represents responsibility and time. Capricorns simply believe if they put in the hard work and time, they can accomplish anything. Usually this motto works in their favor. Capricorns are known for being a success in almost anything they do. However love does not always fall into that category. Capricorns are a Mr. Fix it. They can easily fall into the “people are projects” type.

Capricorns are very independent and hold high standards. Therefore if a Capricorn has chosen you as a partner, they must make sure you fit the bill. Capricorns are proud people and they want to be proud of the person they are with. Thus they could attempt to change/mold you into their perfect partner if they do not believe you match up to their standards.

Since Capricorns never give up they love challenges more than anything. This could become a toxic relationship for them. They could for the first time in their life see all their hard working efforts going to waste.

Unfortunately people do not always appreciate everything you do for them. Earning a job is not like an earning a relationship. There is no formula to make someone fall in love with you. There is no equation to their perfect relationship. This is not a group project, where you can do all the work for everyone. This is a relationship; that is supposed to be a two-way street. You will not be rewarded for all of your efforts, if your partner is giving you nothing back.

In 2017 Capricorns learned to let go of what you can’t change.


Not Planning

Aquarius you live in your own world most of the time. The problem is this isn’t a problem to you, it is only a problem for the people around you. It is a catch 22 with an Aquarius. What an Aquarius needs is space and what their partner often needs is closeness. It is not unusual for an Aquarius to have an “opposites attract” type of relationship. Aquarius has the tendency of being rather aloof. They are not the most observant bunch.

Aquarians are extremely creative and adventurous. The majority of the time they get very lost in the idea of something, but grow tiresome when actual planning is involved. They prefer to tune things out, do not feel bad they do this subconsciously. This is their secret way of coping with structure. Aquarius seeks adventure like no tomorrow. They always try to live like today is their last day. They rarely like to plan more than a couple of hours ahead.

Aquarians identify themselves as being somewhat of a rebel, and this concept of time management feels restricting to them. They feel confined and involuntarily committed with an agenda. Aquarius, I get you. But not everyone runs on this “la de la” “go with the flow” “wherever the wind takes us kinda weather.”

Your neglect for initiative while making plans can make the people in your life feel unwanted. I know that could not be further from the truth, but that is how it sometimes comes off. When you neglect making plans to see your partner, they feel you are neglecting them. In reality you are just neglecting the whole planning process. Your partner may start to feel you are taking them for granted. Be careful Aquarius, even your cool demeanour won’t always let you get away with this.

In 2017 Aquarius recognized the importance of taking initiative. They procrastinated…but they still recognized it. Slow and steady wins the race, Aquarius!


Stop Running Away, Start Walking Away

Whether it is an island or just daydreaming by the window in the office. Pisces are known for their escapism. Pisces are a creative sensitive soul. They can take criticism harshly. If their ego is bruised too much, or their heart is that broken, they can flee away before a blink of an eye. The problem is Pisces your problems will not go away just because you have changed area codes.

Pisces are born dreamers, they like seeing the good in people (even when there is barely any good there). They give people the benefit of the doubt way too often, it is in their golden heart to believe what they want to believe. They see the world through rose-colored glasses and when those glasses break, they find a new world to see.

Adventure and travel are never bad things. They are not horrible coping methods either, but there will be a time when it is too dark and you won’t always be able to run away to sunny paradise. Your sunny disposition is always a pleasant attitude, however you can’t always hide your problems behind a smile. You can not always sweep things under the rug and hope for things to get better. Your romantic nature can make you gullible.

In 2017 Pisces learned to walk away, instead of running away. Running away from your problems is a temporary fix. Consciously walking away is the mature thing to do. There is a huge difference from running away and walking away. One is hiding the other one is acknowledging.


Stop Letting Your Temper Speak For You

Aries are scorching with passion. This is a not sign that will be ignored. Aries is one of the most powerful signs—they have high standards, high hopes, and high intensity. Everything is all or nothing with an Aries. This is great when you are goal setting. It is vital to push your limits to achieve greatness. No one knows this better than Aries. However, with passion often comes a burn. The aftermath of an Aries’ wrath can be a tad alarming.

Aries can be quite a perfectionist, and if things do not fall perfectly into their plan all hell can break loose. Aries needs to work on their communication. It’s great that they do not hide their feelings, however they could work on their presentation/tone. Not everyone has their rough exterior. It does not make you more powerful to tear someone else down. If the only way you can get higher is to put someone else lower, you were never winning to begin with.

Aries needs to learn that winning an argument is not everything. The world is not ending and the sun will rise again. If they learned to communicate calmly in a heated argument then nothing could stop them. Showing emotion is not showing weakness

In 2017 Aries learned the power of self-control.


Stop Trying To Change People

Taurus you lovely, loyal, devoted being. You always find a kindhearted way to be stubborn. When you start something you must finish it. You are not a quitter. You are the stubborn bull and you will not budge until you get your way. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but not everyone is worth your efforts. You get off on helping people, but not everyone wants to be helped. You can not save a damsel if she loves her distress. You can lose yourself trying to find someone else. Taurus can even reach the point of obsession.

They easily can start running in circles, in search of something that may not even exist. While your efforts and motives are sweet, at times you can come off as desperate. You can not make someone love you. You can not change someone to your ideal of perfection. Sometimes the reward is not worth the work.

In 2017 Taurus learned to stop saving other people and start saving themselves.


Not Being Honest With Yourself

Gemini the sign of the twin aka: split personality. Geminis are a conflicting sign. They like to agree and disagree not just with others, but with themselves. They are extremely indecisive. Geminis seem distrustful with their fleeting feelings, however that is not precisely the case. The truth is Gemini is not lying to you, they are lying to themselves.

This seems like the exact same thing as lying but it isn’t. The problem with Gemini is they do not even know themselves when they are lying are not. The truth is they do not know the truth, they do not know what they want.

They lie to themselves because they can not face the truth or they are too scared to find out what it is. This pathological lying is a different kind of avoidance. Geminis change their story, because they have simply changed their opinion. There is no way to know if they are keeping their story straight unless you saw it happen with your own eyes.

Geminis fear telling the truth, because they do not want to hurt others feelings. However pretending everything is fine when it isn’t is far more hurtful than the truth could ever be.

In 2017 Geminis learned the person they are hurting the most is themselves for not being truthful.


Not Fighting For What You Love

Cancer you can let your insecurities get the best of you. Although you can love deeper than anyone, you can also get hurt deeper than anyone. Cancer will give and give until there is nothing else left to give. When all your efforts for love go dry you can become empty. You start enabling in self-doubt and pity. You become pessimistic. You give up before you have even gotten started. You can write people off too quickly just because they could have merely hurt your feelings.

Laugh a little at yourself Cancer. Life does not always have to be taken so seriously.

Being too sensitive can severely hold you back. Do not be afraid to fight for what or who you love. Do not give up so easily. Learn to forgive and forget. Being bitter never makes you better. If you do not fight for what you want, someone will take it from you. Do not be afraid that you are not good enough. You always set yourself up for failure if you do not try.

In 2017 Cancer understood the importance of confidence. Chase what you want, opportunity waits for no one.


Swallow Your Pride

Leos, the center of attention, needs to learn how to share the spotlight. Leos are very ambitious and very proud (rightfully so). They are extremely hardworking and they absolutely deserve every wonderful thing that comes their way. Leos are very open and love sharing, however sometimes their sharing can be considered as bragging.

Your beautiful Leo brightness can sometimes make other people feel dull. Do not ever hold yourself back or sell yourself short. However there is a time and place for everything. Being humble will never get old, but your glory stories will. Feed your ego with a chill pill Leo.

Leos always strive to be the best at everything. Your ambition is admired, but jealousy is not. You do not always have to one up the person next to you. Remember Leo, there is no one person better than the other, there is no better only different.

In 2017 Leos learned to share the limelight. There is room for everyone to shine, the spotlight does not always need to be on them.


Being Too Hard On Themselves

Virgos are their own toughest critic. They must remember they are only human. Virgos are the definition of an overachiever. They are constantly planning and thinking of their next move. Every second is scheduled, they barely have any time to breathe. Virgos even contemplate how much more they could accomplish if they cut out sleeping all together.

Virgos need to learn to be content. They need to understand that not everything they do will jeopardize their future. They need to start living in the present.

Virgos need to take chances without overthinking. They need to stop being a worrywart. You can not prevent every bad thing that happens. Sometimes life is just being life. Once Virgos realize they can not control the universe, they will finally become at peace.

In 2017 Virgos learned to forgive themselves for being human. Even superman needs a nap every once in awhile. You are not weak just because you need sleep. No man is an island. No one can do everything on their own—not even you Virgo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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