Why People Will Fall In Love With You This Fall, Based On Your Personality Type

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Hi friends, to play this game we all need to take the Myers Briggs personality test I promise it will be worth it, or at least entertaining.

There are 4 types of personality groups: Diplomats, Analysts, Sentinels, finally but definitely not least the Explorers. The Diplomats are the dreamers, the Analysts are the thinkers, the Sentinels please everyone, and the Explorers live to “seize the day”. We are also divided by the personality code. The personality code reads like so, I for introversion or E for extroversion, N for intuition or S for sensing, T for thinking or F for feeling, J for judging or P for perceiving.

ENFP– Campaigner – Diplomat

Daydream Believer

Falling in love with you is like falling in love with a fantasy. They will fall in love with your dreamer aura. Your partner will find themselves taking risks with you, but they will not feel on edge.

They will feel like they are chasing their dream with someone who supports them completely. They will find comfort and adventure with you, something that they never thought was possible before.

You have a contagious charm, you make them feel like a changed person effortlessly.

ESFP- Entertainer – Explorer

Time Of Your Life

You live your best life and when anyone is around you, they live their best life too. In true Explorer nature you live to “seize the day”. ESFP’s truly show us the utter importance of making the most out of our time.

If today was our last day, I would want to live it like an ESFP. Whether they are jumping off a plane with you or just getting day drinks- they can make anything seem exciting. You will always feel on top of the world with them, no matter what you are doing.

No other personality type is as generous and energetic with their time. ESFP’s enjoy taking “centre stage” even if they are exhausted, they will not be happy unless you are having the best time with them.They also will not be happy if they do not have your attention. ESFP’s love being your “favourite”!

INTP- Logician – Analyst

Quality Over Quantity

If you are so lucky that an INTP is interested in you, you should count your blessings now. They are extremely selective people. INTP’s greatly believe in quality over quantity.
They rarely take interest in people and they rarely pursue people, but when they do you know they are in it for the long haul. They believe in doing everything they can for their partner.

Analysts are known to be the “Thinkers” of the personality type. INTP may overthink about everything imaginable, but they never had their doubts about you. INTP’s can seem selfish, because they are so wrapped up on their own personal projects, careers, studies, or passions, but that doesn’t mean they do not care about you. They just get too focused on one thing sometimes. INTP’s have not forgotten about you, they just like putting their full attention in everything they do. Therefore they are very selective, but they have chosen you for a reason.

ESFJ- Consul – Sentinel

Your Cheerleader

ESFJ values social validation more than any other personality type. There will not be a moment where you do not feel appreciated with an ESFJ. They will be at every game with pom poms. ESFJ will plan you a surprise party for your birthday. They will not miss a family holiday and they have already planned your matching costumes for Halloween.

ESFJ’s are natural people pleasers, they could never be happy if you are not. ESFJ’s strongly believe in family and tradition. This is your girl next door white picket fence fantasy.You will fall in love with the life they give you. You never dreamed normal could feel so perfect.

INFP – Mediator – Diplomat

Your Soulmate

INFP’s are magical creatures, we are surprised/thankful you are not extinct by now. In a world filled with doubt they bring you hope. They still believe in falling in love the right way. They believe in soulmates and the perfect partner. INFP’s teaches you not to settle, because true love will never let you down.

INFP’s believe in working together. They are here to “complete you”. If an INFP does not feel like they are a “better” person with you, then you are simply not the one for them. INFP’s love is strong, but their standards are stronger.

ESTP- Entrepreneur – Explorer

Your Psychic

ESTP you kinda scare us and turn us on at the same time? Please stop, turn it off! How do you always know what we are thinking? I swear you are reading the diary we have not even wrote yet.

ESTP’s (like most Explorer types) really know how to get us out of our comfort zone. Explorer types have this insane talent of pushing us and supporting us at the same time.

We throw caution at the wind when we are with you, you make everything seem so exciting …yet calming. You know when to bring us up and when to calm us down. ESTP’s have an incredible knack for reading people. They know when you have fallen in love with them, before you even have.

ENTP- Debater – Analyst

Self- Improvement

ENTP’s are the definition of overachiever. They will make you the better person you never thought you were capable of being. ENTP’s do not live their life day to day. They live their life goal to goal and their partner is a part of that. ENTP’s only want greatness, you will fall in love with their motivation.

ISFJ – Defender – Consul

Rose- Coloured Glasses

You live in a world filled with compliments and cheer. You only know how to say yes and thank you. No is never in your vocabulary. You would break your own back to help us out, but you would never take the credit for it.
Your selflessness is beyond admirable. ISFJ you are the type of person that make this world better.

We fall in love with your beautiful sunny disposition and positive attitude. ISFJ truly live by the rule “ Treat others they way you want to be treated”.

ENFJ- Protagonist – Diplomat

Your Reliability

ENFJ without a doubt in our mind- we know you are there for us. You always put not only your partner first, but really everyone else around you. Your intuitive nature makes you beyond understanding. Although unlike other supportive types, ENFJ is still an extrovert and enjoys taking on a leadership role. Most people are not capable of being as giving and as inspiring as an ENFJ.

Although ENFJ’s hands are often full, they never stop. No matter how busy they are, they will always find the time to help. ENFJ is your one phone call. They are the person you can call in the middle of the night to pick you up, no questions asked.

ISFP – Adventurer – Explorer

Mysterious Brooding Type

You got that bad boy dying to be good charm. No one can really read you and that is the true beauty to you. Falling in love with ISFP is like falling love with a puzzle. It is hard work, but always rewarding. You have no idea how it is going to turn out. There are days where you give up, however you always come back to it. ISFP leaves you with burning curiosity. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat kind of love.

The end result is never what you thought it would be… it’s better.

ENTJ – Commander – Analyst

Pushing Your Buttons (in all the right ways…)

ENTJ’s like control they like to dominate and trust me you will feel that with them. Although ENTJ’s like being in the driver seat, they also can be surprisingly supportive. Like most Analyst types they strive for greatness more than others. This does not fall short in their love life. ENTJ run in the fast lane and to be with them you must keep up.

ENTJ’s enjoy a good project. They find personal satisfaction in moulding others. ENTJ are extremely growth- oriented, they need their partner to grow with them. ENTJ’s will push you to your breaking point- sometimes you will hate them for it, but in the end you will always be grateful. Remember bossiness was a part of their charm, this why you fell in love with them.

ISTJ – Logistician – Sentinel

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

ISTJ’s may not be love at first sight, because they are way too rationale to ever believe in that. You may not fall head over heels for them right away, because their love takes time. Like all good things in the world, you must wait for it. ISTJ teaches you that love is patient, love is kind.

ISTJ’s believe in talking things out, they do not like to repress their emotions or hold back. Honesty is truly the best policy for them. If it is not true…it won’t work for them. ISTJ teaches you how to truly love yourself, before you can fall in love with someone else.

INFJ – Advocate – Diplomat

Deep Waters Ahead

If you are looking for “just fun” or someone to pass the time with, do not bother with an INFJ. INFJ is the most rare personality type, holding less than 1% of the population. INFJ’s are not here for shallow relationships.
They are here for a good time and a long time. INFJ thrive on personal connections. They will not bother if they do not see a future with you. INFJ’s are that old soul trapped in the social media obsessed millennial world.

INFJ’s are the ones that give you meaning, when you have lost all purpose.

ISTP- Virtuoso – Explorer


In true Explorer nature nothing can be planned with an ISTP. Everything must feel completely natural for it to fall into place. Explorer types are big believers in destiny and fate. You will fall in love with an ISTP when you never saw it coming, because that is what falling in love is. Finding something you were never looking for and letting it change you.

ISTP is the love that changes you no questions asked. You have to allow yourself to overcome that fear, to reap the reward. This is a love where the stars are aligned for you- it was meant to be, because ISTP’s do not fall into the traditional love story. ISTP’s do not really fall into anything, they are rule breakers full heartedly. If they fall in love with you it is genuine, because they are the type to run away from commitment not chase it.

INTJ – Architect – Analyst

Breaking The Mould

Seriously INTJ’s are good at everything…it is kind of creepy. Anything they touch turns to gold, but a relationship could be the exception to this INTJ midas touch.

In true Analyst nature, they analyze and over plan everything to the core, but that is the thing about love it can not be planned. Love is not something you fit into your agenda. It is supposed to be exciting, it is supposed to change you in the best way possible. It is supposed to happen with someone you never planned with.

INTJ’s are truly a rare bred, because they are blessed with the creative soul and the hard working bone. Those two traits are not usually seen put together often. Most artists types can not make a decision to save their lives, but INTJ’s truly break the mould. Their unique imagination and strong work ethic, make them stand out from the crowd.

ESTJ- Executive- Sentinel

What You See, Is What You Get

ESTJ are one of the most up front personality types. They hate secrets. ESTJ believe in nipping things in the bud. They are not known for bottling up feelings or letting things snowball.

ESTJ knows it is the little things in life that matter. From the start you will not be playing games. An ESTJ will tell you what they want, how they want, and in what order.

ESTJ proves the difference between “wanting” and “needing” someone. Their OCD can be a tad much, but at the end of the day we appreciate you for it. You bring us order in a world of chaos, we would be lost without you. I am sorry in advance, if we do not say thank you enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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