The One Thing That Your Partner Needs In Order To Feel Loved, Based On Their Personality Type

Adriana Velásquez
Adriana Velásquez

INTJs and INFJs Need To Be Understood

INFJs and INTJs are used to feeling like strange, analytical aliens in a world full of present-focused people. These types possess incredibly complex minds and their way of thinking is often wildly misunderstood by the people around them.

To love an INxJ, take the time and patience to understand them as fully as possible. Their mind functions much like a web of thoughts, observations and insights – take the time to root through it! Ask them deep questions, encourage them to share their opinions and never stop trying to learn more about what makes them tick. INxJs are not used to being deeply understood by others – so in order to love them in the way that they need to be loved, strive to do exactly that.

ENFPs and ENTPs Need To Be Believed In

ENFPs and ENTPs are on a mission to create change – whether it’s through their newest business endeavor, a cause they’ve devoted their life to advocating for or a new project they’ve invested their spare time in. These types are used to being underestimated by the people around them and having their big ideas written off as ‘unrealistic.’

To love an ENxP, show them that you believe in their visions and plans. Support them as they take on new challenges and encourage their big-picture ideas. These types are used to being underestimated, so to love them in the way that they need to be loved, take their ideas seriously and have faith in the future they’re envisioning .

ESFPs and ESTPs Need To Be Admired

ESFPs and ESTPs are born entertainers. These types lives to delight, inspire and captivate the people around them – and there’s no one they wish to entertain more than the people they love.

To show an ESxP that you love them, let them know how impressed you are with everything they do for you. These types will go above and beyond to make you happy, and they need to know that what they are doing is working. If you love an ESxP, never stop letting them know how much they impress and inspire you. These types live to entertain and they want to know that they’re making an impression on you!

ESFJs and ENFJs Need To Be Appreciated

ESFJs and ENFJs devote their lives to helping others – and there’s nobody they want to help more than the people they love. These types are almost compulsively caring, but they’re used to having their efforts go unappreciated.

To show an ExFJ that you love them, tell them how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Give them verbal reminders of how different your life would be without them in it – because if you’re loved by an ExFJ, your life definitely would not be the same without them. And it never hurts these ceaselessly giving types to be reminded of exactly that.

ISFPs and INFPs Need To Be Accepted

ISFPs and INFPs are used to feeling everything a thousand times more intensely than the people around them. They’ve grown up in a world that misunderstands and underestimates them all too often – which means they need a partner who accepts them for exactly who they are – because these types are not interested in compromising any part of their identity.

To love an IxFP, show them that you accept them (and love them all the more for) their quirks, their passion and their incredibly unique personality. These types know that they’re different from the people around them – and they want to be appreciated, rather than judged, for that. To show an IxFP that you care about them, see them for who they truly are – and then love them for it.

ISFJs and ISTJs Need To Be Valued

For ISFJs and ISTJs, loving someone means prioritizing them. It means rearranging their plans, devoting their time and focusing their efforts on improving your life, by any means possible. And in order to feel loved, the ISxJ needs to know that you deeply value what they’re bringing to the table.

They need to know that their devotion has a meaningful impact on your life. That you appreciate all that they do for you. And that you show them, through concrete efforts of your own, how much they mean to you in return.

ENTJs and ESTJs Need To Be Respected

For ENTJs and ESTJs, love is not just a matter of acceptance, but of respect. These highly autonomous types show their love for the people in their lives by supporting and enabling their independence – and they want to be loved in the exact same way.

To love an ExTJ, respect that they are their own person with their own set of goals and objectives. Rather than trying to get them to change who they are to accommodate you, appreciate the differences between the two of you and give them the space and independence that they need to pursue goals outside of the relationship. To this type, love means encouraging one another to succeed. So to show them the kind of love they need, respect their strength and independence.

ISTPs and INTPs Need To Be Engaged

ISTPs and INTPs get a lot of flack for being ‘robots’ – that is, living predominantly in their heads, analyzing and trying to make sense of the world around them. In reality, these types often direly wish they had someone to share their thoughts and speculations with. Which is why they need a partner who will be proactive about engaging them in conversations and activities.

To show an IxTP that you love them, go out of your way to initiate plans with them, devote attention to them and get to know what’s going on inside their minds. These types crave meaningful interaction with others but they don’t always know how to initiate them. So if you want to show an IxTP that you care about them, make a point to engage them in conversation or invite them along on your plans. The effort goes a long way with these introverted types! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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