Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Likely To End Up Alone

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1. Aquarius

No surprise here, known as the ghost of the zodiac. Aquarius can end up alone, because they are the most secure with themselves out of all the other signs.

They can find pure happiness in deep solitude. Truth be told, Aquarius are deep souls and when they connect they do connect deeply. However, this connection is rare and does not come often. Aquarius are liked by most, but honestly they do not like most. They are not like the rest of us, in the best way possible. Which is why it will be the most difficult for an Aquarius to lock down a partner, they are 100 percent happy with. Aquarius are huge dreamers and bigger activists. They will always believe there is something more out there.

Their solitude attitude can make their partner doubt their commitment. Honestly an Aquarius needs their space… it is not, because they do not care, but they need their alone time to think. This alone time can be hard for other signs to accept. Their partner can misinterpret this so called “space” as laziness in their relationship. Basically an Aquarius just needs a girl who gon really understand.

2. Aries

Fire sign breathes passion, but you should lead with caution. An Aries knows what they want and always goes after it. This determination is admirable, but not always effective. They tend to leap before they look. An Aries can treat their love interest like a new project. They can become obsessive until they master their craft, yet bored once they have reached the top. It is a catch 22 with Aries, because they always want what they can’t have. The second they have you, they simply won’t want you anymore. This is simply, because they lead with passion and jumped too soon with you.

Aries are a strong sign that need a stronger partner. They are very into self improvement and growth. It can be hard to find a match that can keep up with an Aries. They can easily scare some of the more sensitive signs away with their intensity.

3. Capricorn

A Capricorn knows how to play hard ball. They work hard and have extremely high standards. There is nothing wrong with being picky, but other signs can easily be intimidated by a Capricorn’s success and shy away from a relationship with them.

A Capricorn’s shell is a tough one to break, but you once you do- you have them forever.

Capricorns may be extremely selective, but they are also extremely loyal. They are tough to get to know simply, because they are very work oriented. Time is money to them literally, so you better be worth it. Capricorns are very dominant – which is great in the workforce, however they are not the most compromising. We can’t blame them, their schedule is so busy. They tend to only see things that fit in their agenda.

4. Virgo

The only reason a Virgo could end up alone is, because they do not feel good enough for anyone. Virgos are known to be perfectionist and this rears from insecurity. They are one of the most sensitive signs. Virgos are not really the “go with the flow” sign. They like structure. A Virgo prefers a stable partner they can trust.

Virgos are the overachiever type, they can be a bit type A – which is fine with you Virgo, but it may not always be fine with your partner. Your partner is not your project, repeat after me Virgo, your partner is not your project. While the rest of us commend your organizational skills, some of us prefer to live in organized chaos.

Instead of slyly trying to change your partner, try honestly talking about the problem first. You can’t fix everything Virgo.

5. Taurus

Taurians are the sign of the stubborn bull. They are as stubborn as they are loyal. Taurus enjoys feeling needed. At the same time, they can also be needy. They want what they give, which is totally fair. Yet, sometimes Taurus can give too much to the wrong people. A Taurus can be very territorial. They love providing for their partner and giving them everything they absolutely can. However with that being done, the scale is not always equal. The Taurus usually ends up on the unappreciated side of the stick.

Always dependable, always reliable, but they need to be more careful. Tauruses have this habit of saving people. This comes back to the feeling of being “needed”. Taurus needs to realize you can’t always give your partner everything, they need to know how to do things by themselves.

6. Pisces

A pisces is a huge romantic soul. They are the dreamers of the zodiac. Romance is extremely important to them…however if it does not go exactly as the fairy tale reads, a Pisces can freak out. They can be very moody and short-tempered.

They have built up fantasies and can get disappointed easily. Pisces are known to be out of the box thinkers, but they can give up far too easily. When problems come, Pisces go astray. They are known to escape reality.

7. Gemini

No one is more curious than a Gemini. They love new adventures and meeting new people. With that being said, they are not one to know what they want. They bounce from activity to activity, from people to people. A Gemini can get bored far too easily, they need a partner that can keep up all their personalities entertained.

Geminis are not one to settle for comfort, they run from it actually. However once they have had their time to explore, they will finally chose a partner confidently and without doubt. They know they have “lived” and experienced everything they had to. They have gotten it out of their system. They will have no “what ifs?” or “what else is out there?” questions. They have been exploring for a while…they know what is out there, they know when they are happy.

8. Cancer

Cancer is easily the most emotional sign. Sign of the homemaker, their partner is extremely important to them. …maybe a little too important. Cancer is willing to do anything for their partner, but they have to remember even anything should have their limits. Cancer will do cartwheels and back, to make their partner happy….hopefully their partner will do the same for them.

Their hopeless devotion should be appreciated not taken for granted. Sometimes their efforts can come off more as clingy than caring.

Cancers are kind souls who can easily put their heart in the wrong hands. However even with Cancers great risk for heartbreak, they are still less likely to end up alone. Their strong value for commitment will always prevail them into a happy relationship.

9. Leo

King of the jungle, Leos are known for wanting to be the “star” in the relationship. Leos are the best and the simply only want the best. Therefore they are quite good at choosing their appropriate partner. Although Leos can be dreamers they are not idealists, they are realists. They know when to move on, they know when to give up, they know what they deserve.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” This could not be more accurate for a Leo. They have the best love, because they know their worth. Confidence really is everything. A lion can not be running around with a mouse. A Leo wants someone that shines with them, not someone who holds them back.

10. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are extremely expressive. They will try everything at least once. Their adventurous nature, makes them irresistible to practically any sign. A Sagittarius lives for life. They love travelling, but not for escape, for meaning. They do not wander, because they are lost. They wander, because they are curious. A sagittarius is always up for anything, they tend to be a “Yes Man”. They take on too many plans, too many hearts, than they can actually commit to.

Sagittarians have this contagious nature, that makes everyone else fight for their attention. They always leave us wanting more and telling us what we want to hear.

11. Libra

Libras the sign of the scale. They may be indecisive, and argue their pro/con list in their head until the end of the time. However, once a Libra’s mind is made up about someone it is set. It took them forever to get to this decision, and they are going to stick to it. A Libra is not one to flip flop with their feelings, once they are set. Libras may be flirty but it’s all just fun to them. They are one of the most loyal signs.

Libras also never like being alone- like never. They will take their mom to the gym with them, if it means they are not going by themselves.

Even when they are not in a romantic relationship, they are still in a relationship. They will treat their best friend, family, co-worker like they would a partner. Libra is the sign of marriage. They believe their sole purpose in life is to find their soulmate. They are in love with love.

12. Scorpio

The most sensual and desired sign. Their passion can scare you, but you always come back for more no matter how many times you get burned by a Scorpio. Scorpio’s are extremely affectionate and in touch with their feelings. A Scorpio will never hesitate to tell you how they feel about you. You will know if a Scorpio likes you or doesn’t… They are one of the most honest signs. Scorpios greatly value the truth. They are very determined and resourceful. When they want something or someone they get it.

Although they can seem guarded and closed off, the truth is they just do not give their heart away freely. When they feel you are worthy of their love, they will show you love immensely. Scorpio’s are brave, they are not afraid of love. They are only afraid of giving love to the wrong soul. They love wisely, not frivolously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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