This Is Why You Should Stay Single, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Hi friends, to play this game we all need to take the Myers Briggs personality test I promise it will be worth it, or at least entertaining. There are 4 types of personality groups : Diplomats, Analysts, Sentinels, finally but definitely not least the Explorers. The Diplomats are the dreamers, the Analysts are the thinkers, the Sentinels please everyone, and the Explorers live to “seize the day”. We are also divided by the personality code. The personality code reads like so, I for introversion or E for extroversion, N for intuition or S for sensing, T for thinking or F for feeling, J for judging or P for perceiving.

ENFP – Don’t Go Back To Your Ex – Diplomat

ENFPs those hopeless dreamers gotta love em. ENFPs have a tendency to let their past haunt them. They are very nostalgic and live for their memories. The tighter they hold onto the past, the harder it is to let go. Their memories can make it difficult for ENFPs to move on, thus they can struggle with letting someone new in. ENFPs are known to romanticize everything. Their rose-coloured glasses can often confuse fact from fiction.

ENFPs are deep thinkers and immensely understanding. Although those are two great qualities, they can easily get manipulated.

ENFPs are always trying to rationalize everything. They are always giving their partner the benefit of the doubt, when they should be just giving them the boot. ENFPs are undyingly hopeful, which is why their ex is always allowed back in. ENFPs I know you want it to be” different this time”, but trust me it won’t be. Give up on the past fantasy of “us” and chase a new dream boy.

ESFP- Stop Being A Yes Man – Explorer

ESFPs we love that you are “down for whatever”, but are you actually going to come through? ESFPs are the Explorer type which also makes them the escapist type. You are always on the search for your next adventure. You say “yes” to everything before actually checking your schedule. You tend to overbook yourself. For lack of a better word, you can sometimes be a “flop”.

You have this amazing/annoying way of making everyone feel special. You get us all excited about something, then you cancel and let us down. I get it.. you didn’t mean it. You really wanted to go to Vegas with us this weekend, but you forgot you already had concert tickets. Stay single until you can stop making excuses.

INTP- Stop Hinting, And Just Say “I Like You” – Analyst

We get it you are an “introvert”. You are very selective with your company. You prefer to keep your nose stuck in a book, rather than being the life of the party. You are a wallflower by choice… but you seriously could be a catch! Instead of spending countless hours researching, start living!

Spend the proper time on a potential partner and not a potential project for once. INTPs are the most logical personality type, but love is anything but logical. Stay single until you start reading more feelings and less facts.

INTPs hate making the first move. They have many ideas about how to approach you, but they usually chicken out. Stop analyzing and start doing.

INTPs tend to hint or give their partner clues, that they are into them. INTPs are not known to be risk-takers. They would rather you figure it out that they like you, rather than just telling you. The heavy hinting is their way to protect themselves from rejection. Stay single until you are ready to admit your feelings and stop hiding!

ESFJ – Not Everyone Is Your “Picture Perfect Girl” – Sentinel

ESFJ you make great partners you really do…. but not everyone can be as perfect as you. ESFJs highly value their social circle more than any other personality type. It is great if you want to support us, by coming to every single soccer game, and picking up our little sister after school. We love that you can so easily fit into our lives…. but do not be upset if we can not do exactly the same.

We get it your friends are important, your family is important, your social circle is important, however not everyone can fit in as perfectly as you can. Of course we will make an effort with the people in your lives, but that doesn’t mean we will become besties with all of them. We will always try….but our social validation is not our worth.

ESFJs pride on being accepted and they want their partner to be loved not just by them, but by everyone else in their life. ESFJs are looking for the girl next door and the white picket fence that comes with her. ESFJ stay single until you can put someone above your social validation!

ENFJ- Do Not Lose Yourself For Someone Else – Diplomat

ENFJ the best thing about you is your authenticity. Do not lose that! You are a people pleaser which is cute. You want peace over conflict, which is normal for a Diplomat. Yet you tend to let your partner get away with bloody murder. You can not just sweep your problems under the rug and hope they will go away. I know you hate this….but you need confrontation. I know it is a scary word, but truth of the matter is it is the only way.

Those problems you hide only get bigger, the longer you keep them hidden. You have to remember everyone is just human. We are not mind readers. We can not know if we are hurting you, if you do not tell us.

It sounds simple, but it is the little things that matter. Do not let small things snowball. A lot of “it’s fine” will eventually turn into “good bye”. If you confront the problem head on you can minimize it sooner rather than later. Little problems turn into deal breakers when they are not resolved in a timely fashion.

ENFJs stay single until you can face your fear of confrontation. You deserve more than to be a doormat. You are worth more than that, know that.

ESTP- Stop Right Now, I Need Somebody With A Human Touch – Explorer

ESTPs we can never keep up with you! While you are the fools rush in type, not everyone can be as daring as you. ESTPs are confident and can dive right in emotionally and physically pretty quickly.

ESTPs can be a tad confusing. They are known to send mixed signals. Ironically ESTPs are the most straight up, out of any other personality types.

Although people tend to factor out that ESTPs can emotional disconnect, but can still physically connect.While most personality types struggle with this ESTPs know what’s what and what’s good, however their partner may not always know….

ESTPs are that bad boy you want to to turn good, but no one can change an ESTP’s mind once it is made up. ESTPs are unconventional and can dive into a physical relationship with no strings attached, and function completely normally….lucky them. Not everyone is as secure and confident as you ESTP.

ESTP stay single until you can find someone that is cool with your situation. Don’t look for someone that wants different things than you do, they will only get hurt trying to change your current situation. We both know you won’t change for anyone ESTP!

ENTJ- People Are Not Projects – Analyst

ENTJ you are enthusiastic, ambitious, and hardworking which is great! You are so motivated, naturally you want your partner to be motivated too. ENTJs tend to make anything into a project. They love to train people. You find personal satisfaction in helping someone else succeed. At the same time you are also disappointed….if they fail. ENTJs like to mould someone into their perfect partner.

This is a dominant personality type and they like to take control. You set goals, plans, and rewards, but a girlfriend is not a pet you can train. Your partner can become afraid of you, if they are scared to disappoint you. Contrary to Machiavelli’s belief “it is NOT better to be feared than loved”. ENTJs we know you demand respect, but earn love do not force it.

ENTJs are known for their brutal honesty. Their harsh cold truth can help you in the long run, but in the meantime it can be a hard pill to swallow. ENTJs stay single until you know the difference between constructive criticism and plain old mean.

ISFJ – Break Down Your Walls – Sentinel

ISFJs are natural caregivers. They believe the home is where the heart is….but it can take a long time to build that home. ISFJs are not one to trust easily. They proceed with caution and slowly. ISFJs take dating seriously, which is great. Yet sometimes you have to try a couple of flavours before you pick out your favourite ice cream.

Life is about experiences. There is no questioning that. Everything is trial and error. You have to fall, to fall in love. Sometimes you need to break down, so someone can make you whole. ISFJs are always the ones keeping it together for everyone else. They need to learn to let someone else pick up the pieces for once.

ISFJs can become committed quickly…sometimes they settle too quickly. ISFJs stay single, because there is more out there than you know! Give more people a chance, before settling down so soon! There are many fish in the sea, get to know a few of them before mating for life.

INFP – Step Down From Your Pedestal Stool – Diplomat

The Diplomats are known to be the dreamers of the personality types. INFPs are fixated on this “idea” of who they want their partner to be, rather than who they really are. INFPs need to stop comparing their partners to a fantasy. No one can live up to someone who is not real.

INFPs can be perfectionists. They are extremely picky not just with a partner, but with everything. They see quality over quantity. INFPs live their life for value. INFPs don’t settle and they should not…but they could learn how to compromise.

INFPs should stay single, until they learn to make a little wiggle room. Not everyone will be perfect, there is so much beauty in imperfection if you can just give it a chance.

ISFP- Not The Planner Type – Explorer

If you are the type of person who colour coordinates their closet and makes an itinerary for their vacations….you are probably not the type for an ISFP. In true explorer nature ISFP lives for the moments. All this premature planning can leave an ISFP running. An ISFP needs to fall in love naturally. ISFP can struggle with structure, which can make serious relationships difficult.

ISFP can be difficult to read. While they love experiencing everything they are still an introvert. ISFPs are still quite guarded. They prefer to listen over talk. Sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth to ask them what they really want. Not only are ISFPs a natural quiet introvert, but they are also an unorganized Explorer. This combination is a deathly type for making plans.

ISFP stay single until you find someone that intrigues your Explorer self enough to stay interested, and someone interesting enough to make your introvert self open up!

ENTP- Throw Away The Schedule – Analyst

ENTPs are big on self-improvement, which is awesome! Analyst types can be so focused on projects, they can neglect to see the bigger picture. They tend to focus more on planning rather than actually living.

ENTPs like to push their partners to greatness, but sometimes this encouragement can be confused as pressure. We love that you have planned our whole Euro trip 4 months in advance. Not everyone loves planning as much as Analyst types, so you have relieved some of the planning stress….thanks for that. However it might be cool, sometimes to just see where the wind takes us?

ENTPs can focus too greatly on being factually correct, they can overlook their partner’s emotional response. You may be right ENTP, but can you take a second to understand our point of view too? Just for once. We love your thrive, this is one of the reasons we fell for you in the first place. Yet not everyone runs on the same speed. Give us a second to catch up, give us a second to breathe.

ISTJ- Throw Caution To The Wind- Sentinel

ISTJ you are the most devoted of the bunch. When you commit you are instant wifey material. However… you are only young once. Spread your wings a bit and become a social butterfly. As amazing as your dedication is, truth of the matter is not every single person you meet is amazing…. and most of them do not deserve you. Take the time to date, before just settling down with the wrong partner. You are such an amazing support system, just choose to pick up the right people.

ISTJ is a T for thinker over F for feeler. Yes ISTJs are great communicators, but that is when their partner is vocal about their feelings. ISTJ’s are not the best at picking up emotional cues. If you want an answer with an ISTJ, you need to be straight with them. Beating around the bush, will just create a tangled web.

ISTJs are very traditional and value family. They are known to be trustworthy partners. ISTJs you are steady, but stay single if you want to stay boring. ISTJs need to learn how to step out of their comfort zones a bit. Not every date needs to be Netflix and you making dinner…not that we do not love your cooking. Please never stop cooking for us, we take all of this back.

INFJ – I Don’t Want Easy, I Want Crazy – Diplomat

INFJs are a picky bunch! Unlike other people it is not a checklist or a resume they value in a partner, but a feeling. F for feeling over T for thinking. INFJs value emotions over logic with love. While all the facts may not add up if INFJ has a feeling about you, you’re in. They value that “just know” feeling over anything else. You could be thousands of miles apart, but if you are it they will just know.

INFJs crave that connection more than any other personality type. That “in love” high feeling is the most important aspect of their relationship. They’re can be a lot of deal breakers in a relationship, but passion is not one of them for an INFJ.

At the same time INFJ can be a tad too picky! They may write you off too soon if they do not immediately “feel” something with you. Connections can take time INFJ. Do not jump to say no, if it isn’t love at first sight. Sometimes the best loves can slowly grow from friendships. It does not always need to be an epic romance, for it to be romantic. INFJs stay single until you can be patient with forming a proper connection. Not everything happens right away. Just because it isn’t electricity at first, does not mean it can not turn into fire.

ISTP – Stop Using Sex, To Avoid Talking- Explorer

This ain’t what she meant when she said she wanted you to “open up” more. ISTPs can be very unemotional at times. It is quite easy for them to emotional check out, but be physical intimate. Beware these are the bad boys your mother warned you about. ISTPs are poor communicators. They may not be into you anymore, but they will still reap the sexual benefits out of this relationship. ISTPs will also not tell you how they are actually feeling, they will just assume you know. Because we are all psychic? RIGHT.

ISTPs do have feelings, I know they do. You are not a robot, I promise. It is just your feelings are so tightly guarded. No one can breakthrough that great wall of insecurity. Especially anyone who is actively trying…that most likely will push an ISTP further away. ISTP believe in moment by moment living. It must be a natural progression, that is the only way a successful relationship will work with them.

ISTP stay single, until you can emotionally communicate with something more than just sex. We deserve that.

INTJ- Stop Being So Calculated – Analyst

Again the T for thinking over F for feeling problems arise. Thinkers you are extremely logical and rationale, and us Feelers could really use some of that common sense sometimes! However….your social skills could use some work! Not everyone is going to vocalize how they feel about you. There is something about the unsaid in body language. You just feel it, you CAN NOT always explain it.

INTJ are so calculated they excel in almost any goal they set for themselves, but love could be the exception. INTJ you are actually the best when you are not trying too hard! I know this sounds simple INTJ, but stay single until you are ready to just be yourself! When you stop playing games love becomes real.

ESTJ- Hold My Hand – Sentinel

Most Sentinels are known to be the supportive personality type. While ESTJ is helpful in so many ways, they are not the most affectionate. It’s cool if it is not your thing. I also find it super weird when people can not stop smiling. However a little PDA with your partner won’t kill you.

Relationships are about compromise, you are not going to always date someone exactly like you. If you are currently dating someone exactly like you, I am really jealous hold onto to them…. but most of us are not that lucky.

ESTJ even if you think romance or poetry is silly, just humour us okay. Nobody likes someone who laughs at their dreams. We know we can always count on you for a reality check, but life is about more than just being realistic. We are looking for a partner that can make our dreams come true, not someone who just stomps all over them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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