How Each Personality Type Says ‘I Love You’

Evan Kirby
Evan Kirby

ESTJ: Rearranges their schedule to spend time with you. Gives you a bear hug when you’re down. Helps you complete challenging tasks. Treats you to dinner or a date. Makes you feel comfortable in their home. Goes into battle for you when you are struggling. Shows up in an instant when you need them to be there the most.

ISTJ: Picks up the phone on the first ring. Fixes little things around your house. Tries out your favorite activities, because you love them. Drives you home. Spends time around your family and friends. Stays strong for you through challenging times. Reminisces about your happy memories. Lets you know that they’re not going anywhere at all.

ESTP: Picks you up and squeezes you when you are not expecting it. Gives you an affectionate nickname. Makes you laugh. Sweeps you away on an adventure. Builds you something that makes your life easier. Calls you to check in when they’re away. Proactively solves your problems for you, before you have the chance to worry at all.

ISTP: Displays protectiveness. Offers you advice. Finds little shortcuts that will make your life easier. Tinkers with your car or devices. Spends time with your loved ones. Talks out solutions to your problems. Offers you a place to stay when you need one. Sacrifices alone time to be with you, even when they’re tired and cranky.

ESFJ: Texts you back instantly. Packs you a snack. Reminds you of deadlines and appointments. Asks questions about your day. Initiates plans. Supports your interests. Adjusts their schedule to accommodate yours. Loves your loved ones like their own. Remembers every little detail about you. Spreads endless rumors about how wonderful you are.

ISFJ: Texts you when you’re having a bad day. Brings you soup when you’re sick. Remembers little details about you and uses them to make your life easier. Goes out of the way to do you favors. Gets to know your family and friends. Works around your busy schedule. Never leaves you hanging. Shows up come hell or high water.

ESFP: Cuddles you mercilessly. Stops at nothing to make you laugh. Gives you ‘just because’ gifts on random Tuesday mornings. Listens to your feelings. Shares embarrassing information about themselves to make you feel less alone. Connects you to people who can help you. Does everything within their power to make your life a non-stop adventure.

ISFP: Opens up to you. Shows you their playful side. Makes art about you. Tells others about you. Remembers little details about the time you’ve spent together. Initiates affection. Asks you how you’re feeling. Lets you take the lead, despite their independence. Makes you feel like the only person in the world.

ENTJ: Engages your interests. Asks for your opinion. Recommends things that would make your life easier. Holds you accountable to your ambitions. Supports your autonomy. Empowers you to take control. Communicates the way that they’re feeling. Admits their struggles. Supports you in rising above your own challenges, every step of the way.

INTJ: Learns about your passions and interests. Respects your independence. Asks to hear your opinion. Lends you their favorite book. Stays up past their regular bedtime talking to you. Gives you space when you need it. Tells you they’re committed to you (their word is bond). Speaks highly of your competence to others.

ENTP: Asks to hear your plans and ideas. Invites you along on adventures. Texts you constantly. Shares their struggles with you. Asks to hear your struggles. Maintains inside jokes that make you smile. Challenges your small thoughts. Encourages your big thoughts. Shows up. Never, ever stops trying to learn more about you.

INTP: Carves out time for you. Asks deep, probing questions. Studies the way you show love. Does their best to reciprocate in kind. Accepts your invitations. Shares their deepest thoughts. Listens to yours. Pours attention into helping you solve complex problems and issues. Never stops trying to understand you.

ENFJ: Asks about your passions. Sees your potential. Pushes you to reach for it. Prioritizes spending time with you. Hugs you so hard you think your ribs will crack. Empowers your strengths. Allows you to be weak sometimes. Tells you exactly what they admire about you most. Seeks to understand every detail about what makes you tick.

INFJ: Asks for your thoughts. Shares their own, no matter how convoluted. Shows you their weird side. Picks up on your excitement. Encourages your ideas. Aligns their priorities with yours. Picks you up from the airport. Learns your sense of humor. Analyzes what makes you tick. Never tires of hearing you talk about your passions.

ENFP: Plans out adventures to take you on. Listens to your pain, then makes you laugh about it. Asks for your input. Strives to understand you. Reserves judgement. Challenges your thinking. Writes you love letters. Writes you love novels. Writes you love symphonies. Shares their intimate thoughts, and hears yours. Never stops trying to light your world up.

INFP: Leaves love notes tucked away where you will find them. Listens patiently and carefully while you talk. Compliments you thoughtfully and meaningfully. Writes you into all of their art. Answers the phone late at night. Makes you laugh through your sadness. Shoulders your pain like it’s their own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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