The One Thing That Impresses Your Boss, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Fight Till The End

Aries are known for their debating attitude. “It is my way or the highway” kind of thinking, this one-track mind will actually become very beneficial in the workplace. An Aries will fight for their client whatever the battle may be.

An Aries can get an intense gratification by the feeling of validation and “winning”. They basically get an orgasm when they hear “You are right”.

No one can close a deal like them. They will negotiate like no tomorrow, because it is their ego on the line here. A client’s loss is their loss, and remember an Aries never loses. Whether they are fighting for your life in the hospital, fighting for your innocence in the court room, or fighting to get you that condo, an Aries will not give up until their client gets exactly what they want. Their cut-throat determination will always win the argument.

Taurus: Practical Practice

Taurus’s are the most devoted sign of all. They believe success happens with a steady plan. Taurus’s are big on self improvement, they usually grow quickly within their workplace. Taurus’s are the reliable ones, your boss knows they can count on. Your boss never worries about you, Taurus.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning they are the lover of beauty and the finer things in life. A Taurus will work hard to keep their lifestyle, it is as simple as that. Practise makes perfect, nobody knows this better than a Taurus. A Taurus is steady, they know what they want and they know what they have to do to get it.

Gemini: Constant Stimulation

Gemini’s can be a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. They are known for their natural knack for communication. Popular and smart Gemini’s really seem to have it all.

Your boss knows you have the intuition and emotional intelligence to win a room, but you also have the brains to back it up. Gemini’s are not just a pretty face.

With that being said, their attention span can be lacking if they are not constantly intrigued. As long as Gemini is using their talents and they are genuinely interested there is nothing they can not do.

Cancer: Your Natural Comfort

There is just something about a Cancer, that just makes you feel like you are always right at home. You have this natural ease with people, you can make the most awkward person feel comfortable. You are our “closer” that brings the client home baked cookies for an extra touch. Your heart of gold makes it impossible for anyone to resist you. Who can say no to those puppy dog eyes? I dare you…to try.

Cancers are the type to apologize before they make a mistake. They say “sorry” more than anyone else. We are all in awe of their kindness.

Leo: CEO In Training

Looking for your next All Star? Search no more, Leo was born to lead this pack. Your boss knows if they are out of town, they can quickly count on you to jump on as a managerial role. We wouldn’t even have to tell a Leo they are in charge, they already act like the boss anyways! As Descartes said “I think therefore, I am”.

Leo’s crave power like no one else. They will never be happy with a supporting role.

Leo’s are all about open expression. They are the first to raise their hand and make a suggestion. Although Leo’s love the spotlight, they also love to mentor.

Leo’s know they are only as strong as their weakest link. You better believe Leo is running with the best team.

Virgo: Color Coated Everything

Virgo your highlighted notes have footnotes and your boss loves you for it. No other sign could every be as through and as organized.

Your organization obsession is cute, in a geeky way. No one is complaining though, because the office would seriously be lost without you. Not only do you have your schedule memorized for the next upcoming month, you also have your co-worker’s. You live by your agenda.

Your analytic nature is an unique gift and everyone in the office takes advantage of it. Virgo’s are the ones triple checking everyone’s contracts. Virgo’s know those clauses inside and out. It takes a patient person to love paper work, the way a Virgo does.

Libra: Negotiating Charmer

Libra you are basically always Switzerland. You’re a crowd favourite in the office and you can never pick sides. We all know Libra’s can’t make a decision to save their life!

Libra’s are known for their natural charisma and irresistible charm. The sign of the scale, they see all sides. A Libra can tell you what you want to hear and what you don’t want to hear. It does not really even matter what they say to be honest, you will always be memorized by a Libra’s charm.

A Libra can reject a client in the most alluring way, and they would still think they are flirting with them. Your boss knows you can be the sweet talker and can keep it real.

Libra’s keep it cool and stay open minded. Their charm can convince anyone to do about anything. Libra’s have the gift of gab. You are your boss’s secret weapon.

Scorpio: Their Intensity

Scorpio’s are the most resourceful sign. Leave them in a stranded island and they will be the first to find their way out, probably leaving in a private jet tbh… Scoprios are passionate and determined, which is a winning combination in any workplace. Your boss loves your drive, sometimes they can even be scared of it. People often wonder how you can be so young and have accomplished so much already. Ambition is born in your bones and you always stick to your word.

A Scorpio’s intensity can come off as intimidating at times, but they get the job done better than anyone else… even though we hate to admit that!

Sagittarius: Lucky Charm

Some people have to work really hard to get it, Sagittarius you are not one of these people. Sagittarius seem to always land their dream job in a blink of an eye. Right place, right time. Sagittarius is always on cloud 9 and we all want to join her. They have timing down pat. They have mastered multitasking to do all of the work effortlessly, and still have time to get out of town for the weekend. We are all jealous of how easy they make everything look.

Sagittarius makes everything seem like a breeze. Their peaceful, yet successful attitude makes them the envy of every office. Your boss is always saying “Why don’t you be more like a Sagittarius?”. She gets all her work done and still finds time to have fun#goals.

Capricorn: Independence

No one is more self-disciplined than a Capricorn. You are the definition of “Goaldiggers”. Capricorn’s are responsible and they are here to work. Play time is for recess, a Capricorn can always be ready to “school you”. Capricorn’s tend to be a “know it all” at times, but they are the smartest in the room (and their boss knows it).

Capricorn’s have had a 10 year plan since they were about 10, and they are probably 5 years ahead of it by now. Your boss thinks you are working harder than they are, and knowing you Capricorn you probably are! Capricorn’s have high standards in everything in their life. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their version of greatness, no matter the number of sleepless nights it costs them.

Aquarius: March To Your Own Beat

Aquarius are not known to be people pleasers. They do not exactly follow the herd, they follow their heart. Aquarius are known to be true humanitarians.

They are not one to give into peer pressure, nor do they really care what you think. Your boss is impressed by your moral compass. No one can persuade an Aquarius in the wrong direction. It needs to be true to them, for it to be right.

Aquarius are all about originality. You will never get the same result twice with an Aquarius, I can promise you that! You are the one constantly surprising us with your hidden talents at the office. You are not one for bragging, but your work speaks for itself.

Pisces: Your Idealistic Nature

Pisces dream big and your boss can see that. Pisces are always reaching for the stars, even if their head is in the clouds. Pisces could never settle with mediocrity. They are happiest when they are thriving in their passion. If they are not truly in love with what they are doing, you will see it in their work. Pisces need to “feel” it, for it to be successful. They can not work on lukewarm passion. Pisces drive needs to be fire in order to operate.

They feel for the excitement of the rush. A pisces can not simply work a job, they must have a career. This is not a job to pay their bills. This is a career that brings them meaning to their life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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