This Is Why People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Personality Type

This Is Why People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Personality Type

Hi friends, to play this game we all need to take the Myers Briggs personality test I promise it will be worth it, or at least entertaining.

There are 4 types of personality groups : Diplomats, Analysts, Sentinels, finally but definitely not least the Explorers. The Diplomats are the dreamers, the Analysts are the thinkers, the Sentinels please everyone, and the Explorers live to “seize the day”. We are also divided by the personality code. The personality code reads like so, I for introversion or E for extroversion, N for intuition or S for sensing, T for thinking or F for feeling, J for judging or P for perceiving.


You Make Your Dreams A Reality

People are intimidated by your undying hope. You take creativity seriously and it scares people. When you believe in something, you make it happen. Despite what the naysayers may say, you never let them destroy your spirit. In weak moments you may doubt yourself or overthink, yet you push through this. Some people may say you “have your head in the clouds,” but this is more than a dream to you, it is your future. Most people do not have the courage to step outside of the cookie-cutter box. You create your own box. Not many people can colour outside the lines, as beautifully as you can.

You are the type of person who believes in magic. You are the child that survived “adulting”. In kindergarten we all had this idea of who we wanted to be, when we “grow up”. You are the few people that actually lived up to that childhood expectation. This undying hope you have, gives you a tremendous sense of empathy. You connect with basically everyone. You are fun, but can be serious at the same time. One moment you can be out on a crazy adventure, the next you can be having a deep intimate talk about your feelings. Most people are shocked of how effortlessly you can transcend from fun to deep. You can easily become anyone’s best friend.


You Encourage Others To Get Caught Up In The Moment

You have a spark in your eyes, that hypnotizes the rest of us. You basically can convince anyone to do anything you want. Thankfully you use these persuading powers for good and not evil. In true Explorer nature, you live in the moment. You have an irresistible way to encourage others to seize the day with you. Your life is an adventure and you make us all jump on board with you.

“You jump, I jump, Jack”. As an entertainer you do like to take “centre stage” and have “all eyes on you”. Some people can confuse this need for “attention” as self-centred, but that could not be further from the truth. You are highly observant and deeply care for your friend’s needs. You are the first to know just what to do, to cheer us up. Being around you, can already give us a natural buzz. You genuinely enjoy being happy and making the most out of life. Thus you try to push the people around you to do the same. You are the first to suggest a last minute trip. You push us out of our comfort zones, and we thank you for it. Our lives would be much more boring without you.


Your Reflection On Knowledge

Knowledge is not just a source of power for you, it is your way of life. You believe there is no limit to learning.”The limit does not exist!” Every day you could discover a new fact, that could change your life. You thrive on theories and self-improvement. You like to research until you can’t feel your fingertips anymore. You are openminded and will listen to anyone’s opinion. Right or wrong you like to hear all the facts. Knowledge is more than just a tool to you, it is your identity. Sometimes you can get lost in your theories and ignore the rest of the world.

The late night researching can take a heavy toll, but you could never be happy with partial facts. You need to know the whole story to feel complete. People can easily get intimidated by how deeply you connect with knowledge. Most people need a lot more motivation, to stay on task. You make learning look effortless. Learning is who you are, but sometimes you tend to forget about the others around you. Your nose can be stuck in a book for so long, you forget to enjoy life. You can read facts better than anyone, but you need work on reading feelings. Life is about learning, but is also about living!

ESFJ -CONSUL- Sentinel

You are SO Normal

Everyone wants to fit in, and you always do. 12% of the world fit this type, making you one of the more popular personality types. You are who everyone wanted to be friends with. You had a seat at the “cool kids lunch table”. You are the cheerleader/quarterback type. People love you, you love your friends, you make life look that simple. You live to be supportive. You strive in social familiar settings. You enjoy being a role model and helping others. Consul’s are true altruists and care about the common good.

You are the first to raise your hand to help out for charity, and we want you on our team. Consul’s are practical, and enjoy routine. You grew up to be, who your parents wanted you to be. You are secure, stable, and reliable. You are the glue holding your social circle together. You are constantly organizing get togethers, so everyone stays in touch. You are the reason everyone is still friends with each other. Your friends mean the world to you, and you would defend them to the death. You care about social status, a lot (sometimes too much). Remember your friends don’t define you, you define you.


Your Morals

You can be the epitome of positivity looking for the good in anything. You are guided by your moral compass. You simply can’t feel” good” about doing anything that feels “wrong”. You are honourable and stay true to your beliefs. You are artistic and communicate deeply. You are known to be gifted with learning a second language easily! Your principles mean everything to you. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with your “principles” and this doesn’t make you the most popular. You are very selective in everything in your life. Everything must be worth it to you. Your idealistic nature can sometimes hold you back, because not everyone can live up to your perfect “morally righteous” expectation. You listen to all, but talk to few. You are our conscience, the angel on our side telling us the “right” thing to do.


You Are A Mind Reader

ESTP’S are the most perceptive personality type. You come off as mysterious, but you know more than you lead on. Your knack for reading people, makes you great at networking. ESTP’s can be a silent killer, no one saw coming. You are blunt and direct, but also charming. You are not one to play mind games, because you aren’t “playing”, you know what you are doing. You tend to ask questions, that you already know the answers to. Sometimes you like to test our reactions for fun. You are known to improvise. You strive on action. You are not the type of person to “talk” about doing something, you actually go out there and “do it”. Like true Explorer nature, you live for the present.


You Fight The Good Fight

We do not want to get into an argument with you, we will lose, case settled, checkmate. Unlike Judgemental types you aren’t always fighting to accomplish something. Most of the time you are simply fighting, because you enjoy it. The adrenaline rush, the intellect stimulation, your blood rushes for this. Arguing is simply fun for you. You fight out of passion, not anger. You are fearless with speaking your mind, you do not hold back. You are very reasonable and open minded. ENTP’s can see all sides of the story, as long as it can be backed up with evidence. Like true analyst form you can believe something if you can analyze it. You enjoy face to face conversation.

You are very direct and excellent communicators, whether it be on paper or in person. When you care for someone, you want to push them to their full potential. You thrive on self-improvement. Anything you can do to better yourself, or your case, consider it done. As exhilarating as a heated debate may be for you, it isn’t for everyone. At times it feels like you will do anything to win at all costs. You need to learn how to lose an argument to save a relationship. You may have the voice of “reason,” but you need to learn how to emotionally listen. Sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? No, don’t try to argue that you can be both.


You Kill Em With Kindness

You are so kind, where people actually stop and think “can someone actually be that nice?” You are selfless to your core. You can’t stand a mess, you need to create order in chaos. If that means cleaning up after someone else’s mess, so be it. You need order to stay sane. ISFJ are known for their excellent memories! They are reliable and tolerant, they make great team players. They must be careful though, because their kindness can easily be taken for granted. Although they are genuinely trying to help people, sometimes it can backfire on them. People can get used to ISFJ picking up all their work slack, and thus become lazy. Letting someone copy your homework, does not make them learn. Just ask DJ and Kimmy!


Your Authenticity

Being genuine is one of the most important aspects to you. If it isn’t “real” it doesn’t matter. You are a natural born leader, but you can’t lead what you don’t “believe” in. You are intuitive and live to inspire. ENFJ’s are known to be tolerant and reliable. You are loyal and stand up for your friends. You care genuinely so much for other people, sometimes you put their needs first. You are altruistic to a fault. On occasion, you can be a little “too involved” with your friends.

I know you want the best for them, I get it. Yet, you need to realize you can’t push someone to greatness. They need to want it too or it doesn’t work. I know you will beat yourself up, thinking you could have “changed” them, but you can’t. Only they can make that change, and only if they want to.


You Embrace Change

You embrace change, when most of us fear it. ISFP you always keep us guessing! You are constantly reinventing yourself and experimenting. You are the definition of spontaneous, we would assume you are an extrovert! However you need your alone time, like a true introvert. You need time to digest all these brilliant ideas and recharge your batteries! While most of us are guilty of dwelling on the past, you focus on the future. You are constantly transforming. Your sense of identity is based on your experiences, not your resume. You aren’t much of a planner, that would be against your spontaneous nature. Life is to live, not to plan as an Explorer would proclaim.


How Effectively You Use Your Time

Have you heard of the term “Multitasker”? ENTJ, that is you! You take “seizing the day” seriously. Although you are an Analyst, you can seriously show up the “Explorers” in the “seizing the day” department. You are very charismatic and confident which makes you a natural born leader. You have great focus and will not be pleased until your goal is met. If you set a goal it is happening, no further discussion needed.

You genuinely enjoy a challenge. If it is easy, it isn’t worth it to you. Your determination and drive is so serious, some would even describe it is as “ruthless”. In group settings you push others around you, to meet a common goal. Your intense determination usually produces a positive self-fulling prophecy. As Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”.


Your Integrity

“With great power, comes great responsibility” Spider Man. ISTJ’s can’t live with themselves if their work is inadequate. Their integrity is everything to them. They believe heavily in the truth. Honesty is more important than emotional consideration. The truth can set you free. They let the facts do the talking. It seems like ISTJ belong in the Analyst group, with their fact over feeling logic.

However, they still greatly enjoy pleasing others. Their work is their duty and they take that seriously. More so than not, they tend to blame themselves if their work falls short. They feel disappointed if they have let others down. In true Sentinel nature they define themselves, by what they can do for others. If they are useless at a task, they might as well be considered “worthless”.


Saving The World

With less than 1% possessing this personality type, you are truly unique. You have very strong opinions, yet you are soft spoken and gentle. INFJ’s are the underdog hero, trying to save our world 1 good deed at a time. You are a private and mysterious, nobody saw you coming. You are a “Mother Teresa ” type you like to save others, but you don’t need to be worshipped. Unlike most Diplomats you are very quick and decisive.You are a great believer in karma. You thrive on human connections. You read emotions not facts. Your deep connections with people drives your passion. You save us, to free yourself.


Go To In An Emergency

911? Seriously, how do you stay so cool about everything? You are versatile and known for your incredible improvising skills. Which is precisely why we want you by our side in our next crisis! You believe in fairness. A prompt promoter of the golden rule, “treat others they way, you want to be treated”. Like true explorer nature, you have the tendency to leap before you look. Your bravery can make you act too soon. Remember to take a second to breathe. Not all of us are as fearless as you are, we need a few seconds to catch up to you. You always dare to be different. You learn from “doing” not “overthinking”. Again explorer nature of “experience” overrides all.


You Are A Game Changer

You have a contradicting personality type. You are imaginative, yet decisive. Most people with your creativity, get lost in the process. You stay focused. You are curious, but you don’t waste time overthinking. You are very perceptive, therefore you can read facts and feelings! You are truly a jack of all trades. Most people don’t “get” how you can have it “all”… but you do! Unfortunately since most people “don’t get you,” it can make you feel rather lonely. You have no problem following out on an action plan for success! Yet, when it comes to relationships you might need a crash course. A relationship doesn’t run as smoothly on a pro/con list, as you think it can. Sometimes your efficiency, can be mistaken for arrogance.


You Play By The Rules

Actually, you probably created the rules. You are the definition of “by the book”. ESTJ’s strongly believe in tradition. They are excellent organizers, who demand respect. You enjoy routine and stability. You live for honest and the hierarchy. The truth is everything to you, therefore you will always be the first to admit your mistakes. You are a perfectionist, but you know there is always room for improvement. You think by “micromanaging” you’re helping others, but sometimes it is just annoying. You cannot relax, unless everything is done properly. Therefore you tend to take on other people’s responsibilities. In true Sentinel form you are here to help others, but you must remember they need to learn how to help themselves. Their problem is not your problem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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