19 Differences Between A Man And A Boy

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

1. A MAN takes responsibility for his actions, a BOY makes excuses for his actions.

2. A MAN lifts you up with you’re feeling down, a BOY kicks you while you’re down.

3. A MAN wants to please one WOMAN, a BOY wants a hundred GIRLS to please him.

4. A MAN has gentlemen like qualities, a BOY has “swag”.

5. A MAN walks beside you, a BOY walks 20 steps ahead of you.

6. A MAN expresses his true feelings and shows his emotions, a BOY hides his feelings and tries to be “tough”

7. A MAN can recognize a woman’s worth, a BOY doesn’t know a good woman when she is right before his eyes.

8. A MAN always tells the truth, a BOY lies, cheats, and deceives.

9. A BOY plays games, a MAN doesn’t have that kind of time.

10. A MAN sticks to his word, a BOY breaks promises.

11. A MAN doesn’t kiss and tell, a BOY lets the whole damn town know who he’s been with.

12. A MAN has respect, a BOY doesn’t really understand the true meanings of that word.

13. A MAN has a vision and sets goals, a BOY can’t see past tomorrow.

14. A MAN explains himself if he has a change of a heart, a BOY just walks away.

15. A BOY speaks, a MAN acts.

16. A MAN sees what he wants and earns it, a BOY sees what he wants and tries to take it.

17. A MAN does what needs to be done, a BOY does what he wants to be done.

18. A BOY plays house, a MAN makes a home.

19. A MAN is confident in himself, a BOY is cocky.

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