22 Men On The Quality They Find Attractive In A Woman


As cliche as this may be, I find a woman’s personality to be her most attractive quality, Of course I need to be physically attracted to her; find her pretty, be aroused by her body, be able to see her soul in her eyes, but none of that matters if she doesn’t have the personality.”

2. “Shes got to have those EYES..
…and that ass.”

3. “One word- INDEPENDENT..
a woman who is independent is extremely important. No body wants a woman that is dependent on of them to do things. I know i want a woman who is secure and can take care of herself.”

4. “An HONEST woman..
that’s one of my top favorite qualities.”

5. “Her ability to be DOWN TO EARTH..
a girl that knows how to hold a conversation and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Beauty is one thing. You can be the best looking girl in the world, which some guys do go for, but looks only go so far. Looks grow old.”

I really love a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously. Someone who isn’t afraid to be goofy with me…like a girl that can have a good time anywhere.. even if it’s in the damn grocery store.”

7. “A beautiful SMILE…
nothing is better than a girl with nice teeth and a beautiful smile.. especially if I’m the only making her smile.”

8. “A nice ASS…
I love a girl with a nice ASS and a great body.”

9. “LIPS..
I think the best quality in a woman is her lips. The way they smile, tease us, lick their lips, an drives us crazy has to be the finest asset in any woman.

10. “A woman who makes me better..
someone who understands and supports me and the sacrifices I’m making to better my future. A ride or die woman, a best friend. I put so much into a relationship, all i ask is for that in return.”

and I’m not just talking about well read. I’m talking a girl who knows what life really is all about.”

I don’t mind treating a girl when out on a date but I love it when a girl doesn’t always expect it!”

when she knows all about my past but judges me only on the person I am now instead of the person I was and the mistakes I made.”

14. “A woman’s MINDSET..
the way a woman thinks. Is she positive? Driven? Does she take care of herself? Is she genuine?”

15. “Has a strong FAITH..
most attractive quality to me is that she is like minded in faith and loves Jesus..”

16. “A woman who is ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL..
one that looks just as good without make up as she does with. One who loves to dress up just as much as she loves to be be in her sweats..”

a girl to be smart in life- street smart and book smart. Smart enough to have a great job, smart with money and smart with life decisions. That always makes for a strong relationship.”

18. “For me it’s CONFIDENCE..
and a woman who is comfortable with herself in any situation. She’s not insecure and not afraid to reach out to other people in unfamiliar situations; allows herself to trust me in a vulnerable situation.”

19. “A CARING woman..
that’s a quality i prefer.

with a warm smile, nice teeth, and an innocent (not corrupted) look.”

21. “That’s a hard one..
I think each woman has different attractive qualities..”

I was previously married and i caught my ex-wife cheating on me. Needless to say that devastated me and broke my heart. I swore to myself if i ever re-married I would have to be with someone who would never cheat and never make me feel insecure again.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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