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Maybe They Weren’t Meant To Be Your Forever

I know the feeling when you first begin to fall for someone. “Could they be it?” you have likely thought to yourself. “Could they be my forever?”.

It’s a beautiful feeling, falling in love. The world around you becomes a little more vibrant, the love songs on the radio begin to carry meaning, and you feel an overwhelming sense of peace having someone to confide in and share your deepest desires with. You want it to last forever.

We never fall with the intention of falling out. We never fall with the intention of leaving with a broken heart, but we know deep down it’s a possibility.

Because when we are falling, our brains only focus on the good. They like to compartmentalize and highlight the happy moments, the giddy laughs, the late night talks, and the warm cuddles that make you melt.

But our brains can also blur reality from the truth. When we begin to fall for someone, our judgment too begins to weaken. We lower our guard, we begin to forgive quicker, and we overlook what may have been warning signs all along. We want to believe this person we love was created by design for us. We want to believe they are perfect. We want to believe they are our forever.

As time passes, maybe by choice or maybe by devastating heartbreak, you two part. A person you once imagined your whole world with. A person who knows your fears, your patterns, your favorite appetizer, and your preferred Sunday morning television show, suddenly separated from you.

There is no exact feeling or words to describe knowing your time together has come to an end. That you have become each other’s past instead of future.

It hurts, it’s confusing, and it likely has or will leave you with questions you may never get answers to.

But maybe they weren’t meant to be your forever.

Maybe they were just a chapter in your book that’s gearing up for the main plot. Maybe they were brought into your life to teach you how to love deeper and unapologetically.  Maybe they helped show you who you are and what you want to become. Maybe they tore you down so carelessly and recklessly that your only option is to rebuild stronger.

There may be 100 reasons, or just a few, but you must remember that every departure leaves room for something new.

It doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with you (or them, for that matter), but your story finished its pages and there’s no point in rereading the same words and the same lines, trying to recreate the story.

It’s time for you to focus on you. It’s time to reflect and come to peace with what has happened and look forward to what your future has in store.

Because your forever person is out there. Your forever person will not make you question whether you are good enough. Your forever person will instill what trust is supposed to feel like all along. Your forever person won’t make you question whether they would really choose you day in and day out. Again and again, forever.

I am the only Jenna Hushka in the world.

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