It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For Your Emotions

In life, we are constantly met with new obstacles. Often it feels like once you’ve gotten over one hurdle, you are instantly met with something new. A new challenge that fills you with new thoughts, new doubts, and new emotions that you now have to release. And like many of us, you might tell yourself to tone it down or suppress these thoughts and feelings out of habit. You might even apologize for having such emotions in the first place.

But you do not need to feel embarrassed or ashamed each time you are feeling sad. You do not need to say sorry if you need to let out a good cry. This false need to apologize is something we have wrongfully taught ourselves. We have grown accustomed to looking at emotions as an inconvenience. However, apologizing is not the right way to deal with emotions.

Emotions are natural. Emotions are healing. And emotions are essential for growth.

I want you to remember, that no matter how much someone may seem to have it together, we are all susceptible to feelings and emotions. We are all in need of expressing and releasing. We are all figuring out how to cope and manage. Some days better than others. But being human and having emotions is not something you should apologize for.

When you start apologizing for simply feeling, you are telling yourself and others it’s not okay to feel. You are dismissing the validity of your right to feel. By telling yourself no, you are limiting your body and mind’s natural response.

What good does that do? Nothing. It will only become problematic later on. Your emotions will bottle and simmer to the point where they become out of control and end up being projected at the wrong time, on the wrong people, and much worse than it needed to be.

But, the more you allow yourself to embrace and release your emotions, the better you become at managing them in the long run. Because you learn how to appreciate and understand they are apart of healing. You are able to release them in such a way that is not destructive but controlled. You are able to grow from each experience because you have already felt the lows and you no longer need to dwell on negative feelings for too long.

Emotions do not correlate to weakness.

So I hope you don’t feel the urge to say sorry for being human anymore. Because when you strengthen rather than defer what you feel, you become stronger. When you stop apologizing for being human and having emotions, you begin to grow mentally and emotionally, and in every positive aspect of your life.

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