9 Uplifting Truths To Remember When You Feel Your Life Is Falling Apart

When things in life start to crash slowly, it’s easy to lose sight of reality.

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1. All pain is temporary.

This is the most important and overlooked truth. Remember your first shot at the doctors? You felt like there was no possible way you were ever going to get past this horrible pain from that cold, evil metal needle. Guess what? You did, and you learned pain is temporary from that first shot.

Although low points aren’t completely comparable to a needle in your skin, this proves a valuable lesson that is true every time. Everything, and I mean everything—even the worst of pains—is always temporary. Hold onto that. Repeat it 100 times to yourself and let time do the work. This, too, will pass.

2. You have the power to change your life at any moment.

The coolest power humans have is the power to choose. At any moment, you can make a decision to change your life for the better. Sign up for a class, take yoga, learn how to code, WRITE, make a choice to do something you’ve always wanted to tackle. Even simpler, make a choice to not participate in negative behaviors. You choose what happens next in your life.

3. Life is bigger than any momentary downfalls.

Perspective is so powerful. It truly may be a horribly unfair situation this life has dealt you, but know it is not the end of the world. The universe is 13.8 billion years old. The universe will continue to live on, and so will you. Write down three things you are thankful for right now. Write down three opportunities you have to move forward in life.

4. You have the ability to make others happy.

So maybe you aren’t happy-go-lucky feeling on top of the world at this moment, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try to make someone else feel this way. Tell someone close to you how much you appreciate them. Compliment a random stranger. Find the happiness in making others happy.

5. Happiness exists in life around us.

This truth isn’t meant to be a Gandhi-inspired message, but holy shit…dogs were put on this planet, and we can take advantage of that! Dogs can’t lie to us, cheat on us, fire us, call us a mean name; dogs are pure and innocent and exemplify happiness. Find your dog. Step out into nature; go find pure things in life that are there for our admiration.

6. You are the only ‘you’ to exist.

In a world of billions of humans, how cool is it that no matter what, no matter even if a billion more people are born, there will still only be one exact version of you? Be the one in a billion that you are. Relish the fact that you can provide some sort of difference that no one else can.

If you aren’t on the path to winning a Nobel Prize, that is okay—most people aren’t! But hey, find something that makes you unique, and offer it to the world.

7. The lows make the highs feel that much greater.

Know this: it is such a beautiful gift to feel pain, to not mask any emotion and fully embrace it. What this also means is that when the highs come around, you will embrace those fully, too. People are so caught up feeling afraid to show weakness, to feel vulnerable, but in fact these are the strong ones. Feeling low is not a sign of weakness: it is a wake-up call to change something in your life.

8. You need to act upon your dreams.

I have found time and time again that whenever I am low, I will find it deep within me to tap into my most desired dreams and goals. While things feel down, listen to those thoughts that tell you “I wish I was this”, “I want to do that.” Now be realistic but find the seed in you that dreams of these creative goals. Whether its wishing you would read more, join a club, learn to cook, or anything else—write it down immediately and commit to taking action.

9. Life is short.

Remember this above all. Spend as little time as possible obsessing over what you cannot control and go out and live the life you are meant to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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