10 Reasons Why It’s Harder Being A Girl Than Being A Guy (From A Guy’s Perspective)

1. Cat calling is a real thing.

I have always felt simultaneously ready to fight, and ready to hide, when people have shouted insults at me as they drove by. They almost always catch you off guard, and make you jump, which really grinds my gears. However, I can’t imagine how I’d feel if people yelled out sexually explicit things at me, whistled at me, or made crude comments my way as they drove by. It is terrible that having to deal with this has become a reality for many women.

2. The pressure to have children has always seemed so mortifying to me.

Why is everyone in such a rush for ladies to do something that will ultimately change their life forever? Pushing this off is enough to make some traditional families crazy, but God forbid a woman ever says she doesn’t want children and people seem mortified. Can someone please explain that? It’s not like we lack human beings on this Earth.

3. Childbirth itself.

The first thing that pops into my head when I think of childbirth is the iconic scene from Alien when the creature bursts from the man’s stomach. It hurts, you can die from it, and it dramatically alters your body. Need I say more? Bless women for keeping the human race going.

4. The female slut vs. the male player double standard.

I don’t need to elaborate. We’ve all heard it, but it never ceases to blow my mind. I’ve had men try to explain the “logic” of it. One particular explanation went, “Women are like a cup of water, and when they have sex, it’s like someone spitting in the water. Would you want to drink that water after everyone else has put their germs in it?” My response: “If women are like a cup of water, then men are like a straw, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to drink from a straw that has been used in cups of water all over the place.”

5. When it comes to video games there are significantly more male characters to choose from.

I’d be offended if I didn’t feel like my sex was represented in the gaming industry (although we should all be offended when equal representation is not reached). Sometimes you want to play as a character that you can wholly relate to. I’m not saying that women can’t ever relate to male characters. It just seems a bit unfair that they have to pick male characters, by default, so often.

6. Doing makeup is a complicated art form.

I’ve used makeup a few times in my life (mostly to cover up hickeys from overly aggressive/hungry guys), and it is hella hard. Obviously not all women use makeup, but for those who do, I give you all the credit in the world, because it is hard…

7. But shaving is the worst of all.

There’s a societal expectation that women should be hairless and smooth. I myself prefer to be smooth, and have attempted to live the hair-free lifestyle. Between razor bumps, the cost of all the products, the mess, and the time it takes I quickly realized that it takes a true champion to keep the hair away.

8. There are too many options for shopping.

Sometimes I wish that I had more stores to shop at for clothes in the mall, but I find solace in the fact that I still have money in my wallet at the end of the day. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are wonderlands of clothing, with roughly 80% of the store dedicated to the female population. Sure, having all the options seems awesome. But the temptation to spend your money is greater, and settling on something is much more difficult. I’m done shopping in the little boy’s section of Forever 21 in 2 minutes. My girl friends take at least 20 minutes, because the store is friggin’ huge.

9. The monthly “gift” that keeps on giving.

As a guy I honestly can’t imagine having to deal with this every month. Like, I seriously can’t. I can go a few months without getting sick, whereas women have to prepare for unpleasantness every single month, until they hit menopause…and then that is another, different torturous story.

10. The impossible-to-attain beauty standards.

The general archetype for female beauty in this country is full lips, a tiny waist, a big butt (but not too big), big breasts, a flat stomach, a full head of long hair, slender arms, and perfect skin. But you’re supposed to make it look flawless and completely natural. Men don’t really understand all the work that it takes to meet these standards, because they constantly knock on women for taking long to get ready. If only they knew how difficult it really is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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