Is My House Haunted

Is My House Haunted by Ghosts? Find Out

If you’re wondering is my house haunted, then you might want to call in a medium or paranormal investigator. However, you might be able to work out the answer on your own. Here are some signs you’re living in a haunted house:

There Are Cold Spots In Your House

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Paranormal investigators use digital thermometers to track temperature changes. This is because an unusually low temperature indicates the presence of a ghost. If the air around you is unusually chilly, it could be a sign the house is haunted. And if the cold spot is moving from room to room, following you, that means the ghost has attached itself to you.

Your House Has A Haunted History

Do some research. See if you can figure out who lived in your house in the past. Were there murders on the property? Did someone die where you rest your head at night? Learning about the history of your house could give you a good idea of whether your house is being haunted. And it can tell you who is doing the haunting. Reach out to your real estate broker to see if they have any information for you.

You’re Hearing Strange Noises

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Listen closely to the sounds your house makes. You can even try recording these sounds using digital voice recorders. You can also use the voice recorder on your phone. Your house might be haunted if you hear strange voices, the sounds of wailing, or someone calling your name. If there are unhappy spirits, you can sage the house or call in a professional to handle the issue.

You Keep Misplacing Things

If items have been going missing without explanation, you might have a ghost. Especially if these items carry deep, emotional significance. However, you might simply be misplacing things. Make sure you start paying close attention to your surroundings. Are the cabinets open when you swear you closed them? Are your keys always in an unexpected spot, even though you live alone? Then your house is haunted.

Weird Shadows And Lights Appear In Photos

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Ghosts can be caught on video or in photographs. They might appear as a blur. However, they might also create orbs of light. Make sure you examine your photographs closely to see if you can catch anything unusual. Even if you don’t catch them on tape, your home motion activator might go off randomly. That means something was picked up you were unable to see.

The Lights Flicker

Many people believe spirits can manipulate electricity and energy. If the lights are flickering, this could mean a spirit is attempting to communicate with you. However, you should check to make sure the bulbs are screwed in correctly before you assume your house is haunted.

There Are EMF Spikes

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One of the best ways to test whether your house is haunted is with an EMF reader. EMF stands for electromagnetic field meters. These devices will detect a spike near any electrical appliance. However, if they go off when appliances aren’t around, it means there’s a ghost. This is because people believe, when we die, the energy from our bodies gets converted into electromagnetic energy.

You Find Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm is a slimy green substance left by ghosts. It’s similar to the substance in the movie Ghostbusters. If you spot ectoplasm in your house, there is definitely paranormal activity. Or it’s Halloween and someone is playing a trick on you.

Your Pets Are Acting Weird

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Whether you own a dog or a cat, your pet can help you figure out if your house is haunted. They might avoid a certain room or start acting nervous out of nowhere. They might also start barking when no one is there. However, if your pets are acting weird, you should take them to a vet to make sure nothing is wrong with their health. Put their safety first.

You Feel Someone Touching You

Pay attention to how you feel when no one else is in the room. If you feel like a hand is grabbing you, you may have a ghost in your home. If these occurrences happen often, bring in someone to sage the house and rid the rooms of negative energy.

You See Strange Shadows

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At night, pay attention to the shadows cast around the room. Make sure there are people, animals, or items casting those shadows. If nothing is causing them, then they might be the result of a ghost. Although the possibility is scary, don’t panic. The spirits could be friendly. However, it’s still helpful to bring in someone to banish them.

You Have A Bad Feeling

A haunted house isn’t going to feel like a regular house. You’re going to have a gut feeling something is wrong. The place will give off negative, uncomfortable energy. To put it simply, there will be bad vibes. You won’t want to spend a moment longer than necessary beneath the roof. Your gut will be warning you to leave.

Mysterious Smells

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You might smell cigarettes even though you don’t smoke. Or you might smell perfume or cologne that won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub the furniture. If this happens to you, make sure your house’s ventilation system is functioning properly. If it is, then it could be a sign you’re living in a haunted house.

Bad Reception

Pay attention to your electronics because ghosts can manipulate electricity. If your television is filled with static, it could be an electrical issue. Or it could be a ghost. Another sign you’re living in a haunted house is when your devices lose their charge easily. If you have brand-new items, and they’re not working, your house might be haunted.

Your Child Has Imaginary Friends

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Children can make contact with the spirit world easier than adults can. That means your child might see things you’re unable to see. If your son or daughter has been speaking to a strange friend, they could be seeing a ghost.

Unexplained Animals Appear

If wildlife appears in your home, like squirrels or raccoons, you should call a professional. However, this might be a sign there’s a ghostly presence in your home. Be careful, because those wild animals could be even more dangerous than ghosts themselves.

Doors Slam Shut

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If doors are randomly slamming shut at night, you need to figure out the reason. This could be caused by a draft. Or it could mean your house is haunted. You need to take the time to find out whether something spooky is occurring or whether it’s perfectly normal.

How To Get Rid Of Ghosts

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If there is a ghost in your home, you probably don’t want them to stick around. Although some ghosts are harmless, they can become more powerful over time. It’s best to avoid them. However, if there’s a ghost in your house, you don’t have to move. You don’t even have to call in a professional to cleanse the house. You can get rid of them with a few simple tips and tricks. If you have ghosts, here are a few easy ways to get rid of them:

Burn sage in every room.

The smell of sage will clear the space. In order to smudge the house, you need a fanning tool, a match, a vessel, and sage itself. Just be careful and make sure you leave windows open to ventilate the room.

Burn a white candle.

This creates positive energy. It will destroy any negative energy the ghost brings.

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Buy white roses.

These roses will suck activity out of the house. When they dry up, throw them out. Then rinse salt down the drain to clear out the energy they absorbed.

Tell the ghosts they aren’t welcome in your home.

Ghosts rarely have any power in the physical world. Sometimes, all you have to do is state the truth. If they realize they aren’t welcome on your property, they might leave. Use a firm voice but don’t yell or sound angry. This could upset them more.

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Explain that they are a ghost.

Sometimes, ghosts don’t realize they’re dead. Explain to them that they don’t belong in the physical world. Ask them to move toward the light.

Ignore the ghosts.

Don’t use Ouija boards or hold séances to contact them. Ignore the spirits and they may disappear. The more you speak about the ghost with others, the more powerful they will become.

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Sprinkle salt on the entrance of your home.

You already have salt in your kitchen, so this trick should be easy. Simply sprinkle salt near the doors so the ghosts cannot get inside.

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