7 Signs You See The Worst In People (And Should Start Changing That)

7 Signs You See The Worst In People (And Should Start Changing That)

1. When you use dating apps, you swipe left on pretty much everyone. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and having high standards. However, it’s possible to take your pickiness a little too far. If you always find something wrong with the other person’s photos or biography or overall vibe, you might not be giving them enough of a chance. You might be assuming someone is going to be a bad match for you before you even get to know them.

2. Whenever someone offers you help, you take offense. You assume this means they view you as weak. You assume they’re judging you. You assume they think they’re better than you. Instead of accepting their help and being grateful that they reached out a helping hand, you find a reason to get angry with them about their offer.

3. Whenever someone has a crush on you, you assume they’re screwing with you. You assume they’re playing some sort of prank on you. You assume they’re trying to get your hopes up only to bring them crashing down. Instead of taking them at their word, you assume they must have some sort of secret plan in order to make a fool out of you.

4. Whenever someone makes a mistake, you cut them out of your world completely. There’s nothing wrong with cutting out people who cross an unforgivable boundary. Or people who make the same mistakes again and again. But cutting out people who have made a small mistake — and apologize about it — isn’t always the best move. Sometimes, you need to offer forgiveness. Sometimes, you need to give them the benefit of the doubt.

5. You feel like the whole world is out to get you. You feel like there’s no point in trying because you’re bound to fail. Not because you’re untalented or because you don’t deserve to succeed. Because you feel like everyone is conspiring against you. Because you feel like no one is going to give you a chance. Because you feel like only bad things happen to you.

6. You always find flaws in others. When someone posts a selfie, the first thing that comes to mind is what’s wrong with it. You aren’t able to compliment others. You aren’t able to see the beauty inside of them. You jump to the worst thing about them in order to feel better about yourself. Or in order to protect yourself from getting hurt by caring about them. Either way, you’re way too negative for your own good.

7. You spend most of your spare time complaining. Whenever you go out with friends or go on a first date, you find something to whine about, whether it’s the food at the restaurant or the crowds or the weather. Instead of enjoying the moment, you dwell on the one bad thing that’s been bothering you. You never have a good time because you see the bad in everything — and everyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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