30 Types Of People You Should Never Trust

30 Types Of People You Should Never Trust

According to Ask Reddit, you should never trust the following people:

1. People who can’t seem to bring themselves to admit they don’t know something. Instead of “I don’t know,” they’ll answer questions that weren’t asked, steer the conversation to something they do know, or even resort to straight-up making shit up.

2. The kind of person who only compliments you or is nice to you when he wants something.

3. Perpetual Victims. They blame everyone around for the bad things that happen to them but aren’t willing to look at themselves and change their behaviors for their own benefit.

4. Positivity robots. The kind of people who are always talking about being positive and loving one another have, in all my experience, been the opposite.

5. Those who claim never to have had bad thoughts or temptations. What are they going to do when they do have one!?

6. People who name drop constantly.

7. In the context of dating: when a man starts calling you “pet names” right off the bat. Sir, we just met, who the fuck you calling babe?

8. Story toppers. If they’re willing to lie about something as insignificant as that then chances are that they’ll lie about anything and everything.

9. People who can never seem to admit they may be wrong or apologize.

10. Men who are only nice to women they find attractive. They lack empathy and seem to be unable to view women as human beings.

11. People who talk shit about another person, only to become her bestie later. It’s like, wait, you despised that person but now you’re in her wedding party and do couple’s weekends? Okaaayyyy.

12. People that use my name too much when talking to me. It’s an old sales trick that some people still think works. It just comes across as annoying and manipulative to me.

13. People who completely change their character when other people hang out with them.

14. People who can’t hold a job and it’s ALWAYS the employer’s fault they quit or were fired.

15. If you bring up how honest and trustworthy you are, then I know to never to do business with you or count on you to do the right thing.

16. The moment someone refers to themselves as ‘brutally honest’. Usually, they’re much more interested in brutality than honesty.

17. People who gossip. Or make fun of people for their looks or how they dress.

18. People who will never answer direct questions. They are so busy lying and making up stories that basic questions scare the crap out of them.

19. People that don’t like animals.

20. People who post every aspect of their lives on social media. Purposefully offering up this filtered, perfect, fine-tuned version of themselves and their lives, and expecting us to accept this as reality. It makes me wonder what they are hiding, or what, maybe, they’re overcompensating for.

21. People who always agree on everything.

22. People that believe 100% in astrology. To the degree of basing job choices and relationships off of whichever horoscope works best for them.

23. The kind of person who shouts curse words at their mother.

24. People who are too nice to everyone ALL the time.

25. People who lie to your face, even if they think they are protecting your feelings.

26. Anyone who wants to constantly borrow your stuff.

27. People who overshare as soon as you meet them, and want to be close friends right away. It feels like forced intimacy (platonic or otherwise) and seems to often lead to control/boundary problems.

Also, people who have a new best friend every few months.

28. Non-recovered alcoholics… I have been fucked over by everyone in my life who’s been addicted to alcohol.

29. People that have a thousand friends.

30. When I see someone be a dick to someone just because they can, I immediately assume that person can’t be trusted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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