7 Reasons You Miss Them That Really Have Nothing To Do With Them 

7 Reasons You Miss Them That Really Have Nothing To Do With Them 

1. You miss having someone around all the time. You might be feeling lonely. You might miss having someone to snuggle at night. You might miss having someone to text about your day. You might miss having someone to tell you everything is going to be okay in the end. You might not miss them specifically. You might wish someone, anyone, was around to keep you company.

2. You miss feeling attractive. If you’re struggling to love yourself, then you probably get most of your confidence from the people around you. It probably helps when you’re complimented or when you’re seeing how much you turn someone on. Without a partner, you might feel like you aren’t attractive anymore, but you have to remember that isn’t the case. You’re still beautiful, even when there’s no one around to drool over you.

3. You miss feeling like you were on the right track. Unfortunately, there’s so much pressure to settle down, to be in a relationship, to work toward marriage and children and a traditional life. When you’re single, you might feel like others are judging you. You might feel like you’re falling behind. You might miss how proud other people seemed of your relationship. You might miss knowing others were jealous of your love. But you have to remember, it’s better to be happy than to look happy.

4. You miss having a partner to help you through life. It’s hard to pay the rent on your own. It’s hard to get every single chore done on your own. It’s hard to take care of all your responsibilities on your own. You might miss having someone around to carry some of the weight. You might miss having a teammate to help you out when you’re overwhelmed and don’t have enough hours in the day to get shit done.

5. You miss having someone around who knows everything about you. It’s hard to enter new relationships because you’re starting from scratch. This other person doesn’t know your history. They don’t know the names of your family members or the struggles you’ve been through in the past. You might miss a certain someone because they already know you better than anyone. You can be yourself around them. You don’t have to hide. You might miss the freedom of being yourself.

6. You miss the sexYou might miss this person in a physical sense more than an emotional sense. You might miss the way they made your body feel. You might miss the connection you shared beneath the sheets more than anything else.

7. You miss being in a relationship. You might not miss them. You might miss the idea of them. You might miss what it means to be in a relationship. You have to remind yourself that running back to them isn’t going to magically solve your problems. You don’t belong together. You don’t even miss them as much as you think you do. You simply miss having a partner, so you might as well search for a good one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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