33 Stupidly Simple Ways To Spread Positivity In A Crummy Year

33 Stupidly Simple Ways To Spread Positivity In A Crummy Year 

Ask Reddit has some great ideas on how to spread positivity this week!

1. Thanking people for small tasks that usually go unnoticed days later.

“Oh quick question, did you restock that shelf the other day? Thanks, that really helped.”

“I forgot to tell you, thanks for putting more paper in the copier.”

“Did you rewrite the tasks on the dry erase board? Thanks, I can finally read it.”

2. Remember small details about people and ask them about it.

“How was the new coffee machine you bought?”

“Did that brother-in-law you don’t like act annoying this time?”

I notice people get a little excited when I do it.

3. When I’m talking with someone and they tell me to say hello, pass on well wishes, etc. to another person, I always do. It always brings a smile to that person’s face. And then they’ll respond in kind, and I’ll pass that message on back. Smiling faces are beautiful.

4. Complimenting people. A quick, “I like your shirt,” or “Your plant on your desk looks so nice!” is so easy to do, and it makes people smile.

5. If I’m approaching a traffic light, and see empty lanes, I switch over to the one in the middle, so the cars behind me can turn right on red and are not held up because of me. I hope that makes their day a bit quicker and gives them a feeling that they were able to make that light without stopping!

6. Waving at each car that passes as I walk along my country road. Today I was 9 for 9 on returned waves!

7. I try to give compliments behind people’s backs where they can hear but they think I don’t know they are listening.

I live around people who have either been hurt by others or have become cynical after watching other people get hurt.

Seems to be the easiest way to spread positivity without coming off like I have ulterior motives.

8. I like to reply to non-famous people’s Tweets or TikToks with encouraging messages.

9. Whenever I call customer service or whatever I try to remember the name of the person on the other end. When the call is over I thank them by using their name and say they were very helpful. You can tell that people usually forget their names.

10. I’m a pretty positive person in general and I love making dumb puns or jokes. Even at my expense, I feel like it’ll get a chuckle.

11. Pay for the person’s drink/meal behind you in a drive-through.

12. Whenever I’m in the car and I see someone jogging, I roll down the window and tell them, “YOU GOT THIS!”

13. Leaving positive sticky note messages with doodles in public places.

14. If I find a penny bottoms up, I flip it over for the next person to find it.

15. I know people’s names. I remember. I try hard to remember them. I write them down.

People love it when you know their name, and in turn they usually know your name.

16. I make postcards to give to friends and family on special occasions.

17. Anytime someone mentions their hobby I’m quick to say, “You do pottery (or whittling or bird watching or whatever)?” Tell me more about that!”

Hobbies are what people do to be happy, and it’s nice when people talk about things that make them happy.

18. Thanking people for their time. Everyone’s time is valuable and thanking them for giving a little to you goes a long way.

19. When I see families take a group picture, I offer to take the next one for them. I hate seeing the dads always left out or the family being incomplete.

20. I like to go up to people who are wearing merch from a show and tell them I love it and ask who’s their favorite character. People love when you take an interest in their interest!

21. Be everyone’s “hype man.”

If someone tells a story or just shares an experience I try to always acknowledge them clearly, especially if it seems like no one else heard, assuming we’re in a group setting.

If someone puts on an act for a joke that doesn’t catch on, I try and back them up with antics that complement theirs.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I try to acknowledge and encourage other people in subtle ways. I always hated the social spotlight because of poor self-esteem, but I find that the kind of attention I get from this is just wonderful. Also, it has the added benefit of making everyone love you.

22. Small smiles when talking to people.

23. My parting words to everyone I interact with (usually when getting food) are “take care of yourself.” That started during the pandemic and it’s not going away after it’s over.

24. I make sure to tell every retail or customer service worker how much I appreciate them.

25. Whenever I buy something from a vending machine, I always leave the spare change.

26. I like to make origami cranes and give them to people.

27. I like to pay people’s tolls at the booth, or leave small tabs at coffee shops. I’m a sucker for small, unexpected surprises.

28. If someone is done unloading their shopping cart I offer to take it back as I’m walking into the grocery store. Always appreciated.

29. Random acts of kindness! Example: Today I bought a ticket for street parking and had about an hour left on the ticket when I left, so I just tapped it to the place where you purchase tickets. Hopefully someone used it!

30. Always asking a customer service representative on the phone if they have a survey/feedback I can answer to give them all the stars for their help. If they don’t, I ask for a supervisor so I can commend the person who helped me.

31. Whenever you cook something nice, especially on festive occasions, always share with like 3-4 houses around you.

32. Sending them a morning message saying how much they mean to you and appreciate them.

33. I try to tell all of my students that I love them. I know it’s cheesy, but I never know what some of my students go through at home and if they hear that enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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