Something Disturbing AF Is Going On With My Netflix Account

Something Disturbing AF Is Going On With My Netflix Account

Like most people, I haven’t been leaving my house because of the pandemic. I’ve been spending most of my weekends watching Netflix from the safety of my own home.

Of course, 2020 sucks, so I can’t even enjoy movies anymore.

The other day, when I opened up Netflix on my laptop, it took me to the WHO’S WATCHING page. The only profiles I should’ve had attached were for myself and my grandmother, who can barely operate the app on her television. However, there was an extra profile attached. A red smiley face with the name DAMIEN.

I clicked on the profile, wondering whether my grandmother accidentally created an extra account, which seemed unlikely. It was a good day when she could locate the remote.

When Netflix loaded, there were already shows listed underneath the CONTINUE WATCHING section. They were mostly documentaries about murderers. Making A Murderer. The Ted Bundy Tapes. Unsolved Mysteries. Some fictional shows were mixed in between. Dexter. You. American Horror Story.

I assumed it was some weird gimmick that Netflix was using throughout the month of October. Halloween is coming up, after all. Maybe they were trying to promote their spookiest television shows in a clever way. Trying to scare their viewers. Trying to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

I hopped onto Twitter, assuming Netflix would be trending, but all the hashtags were related to politics. There wasn’t any mention of the streaming platform. I typed Netflix into the search bar myself and scrolled through posts for a while, but no one was talking about an extra profile. They were only debating over the best shows and movies.

I wrote out my own tweet: “Hey. Can someone check their Netflix account quick and tell me whether I’m the only one with an extra profile on my account?”

I got a few responses, all negative. They said things like your ex is probably hacking you and someone must be playing a prank.

That was impossible. I had never given the password out to anyone else. Even my grandmother didn’t know the right numbers and words to type. I logged her in on my own because it was too confusing for her to handle without help.

I emailed the support team. They walked me through the steps to delete the account, but they couldn’t tell me why it had suddenly appeared.

After that, nothing weird happened. The account never reappeared. Everything went back to normal.

Still, the glitch was bugging me. I called my grandmother to ask her about the account. As expected, she had no clue what I was saying. But later on in the conversation, she mentioned she’s been spending time with an angel named Damien. She said she was scared of him at first, but he was a comfort to her. He made her feel safe. Protected from death.

She’s suffered from Alzheimer’s for a while now, so she sees things that aren’t there all the time. It’s probably just a wild coincidence that she mentioned an angel named Damien, the same name on the Netflix account, but it’s hard not to wonder whether she saw something real after all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.