Raise Your Standards And Never Put Up With These 7 Things Again

Raise Your Standards And Never Put Up With These 7 Things Again

1. Boys who only want you for your body. You are worth so much more than your body. Your person should appreciate what a strong, sweet, independent human you are. They shouldn’t assume your looks are the only thing you have going for you. They shouldn’t want to spend a single night with you before abandoning you. Unless you’re also looking for a one-night stand, don’t waste your time with boys who are unable to see your core value.

2. Boys who make excuses for hurting you. No one is perfect. Whoever you end up with is bound to make mistakes. But are they going to take responsibility for those mistakes? Are they going to apologize? Or are they going to gaslight you, lie about their actions, and make you feel like you’re crazy for getting upset? You don’t want to settle for someone who is too immature to admit when they are wrong.

3. Boys who put in the minimum amount of effort. You shouldn’t settle for someone you feel ehh about simply because they answer your texts and take you out on dates and treat you with respect. Every single boyfriend should be doing those things. That is the minimum amount to expect, not the maximum. Instead of settling for someone who meets your simplest standards, you should search for someone who actually understands you, who actually excites you.

4. Boys who aren’t interested in staying faithful. You shouldn’t waste your time with him if he refuses to put a label on the relationship, refuses to delete dating apps, refuses to walk away from exes who are still interested in him. You should be the only person he wants. He should stay loyal to you if he wants to keep you. If his eyes are always wandering, if he’s not satisfied with the woman right in front of him, then you can do better.

5. Boys who only come around when it’s convenient. You don’t want to settle for someone who turns on the charm half the time and completely forgets you exist the other half of the time. You don’t want to settle for someone who only pays attention to you when they’re bored or lonely or high or drunk. You want someone who is there for you whenever you need them, even when it’s inconvenient.

6. Boys who can’t give you a straight answer. You don’t want to waste your time with someone who sends mixed signals, someone who refuses to tell you how they feel, someone who answers your questions with another question. If he won’t explain where he’s been or who he’s been hanging around, then that’s pretty sketchy. That’s grounds to walk away.

7. Boys who treat every other girl like crap. It doesn’t matter if you’re the exception. It doesn’t matter if he treats you like a queen. If he’s always saying horrible things about other women, then he probably doesn’t respect women. You don’t want to settle for someone who is mean to other girls for no reason. You want someone who has a good heart.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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