X Signs You're Crushing Hard And Don't Even Realize It

8 Signs You’re Crushing Hard And Don’t Even Realize It

1. You want their attention on you and only you. When you’re hanging out with a large group of people, it annoys you when they pay too much attention to someone else. You want them to laugh the hardest at your jokes. You want them to be the most interested in your stories. You want them to spend the most time with you. When it comes to their attention, you’re incredibly greedy.

2. You want to be close to them. Since you haven’t realized it’s a crush yet, you probably haven’t been fantasizing about kissing them. But you get nervous when they scooch close to you, when they touch you, when they brush up against you. You always want to be sitting in the seat next to them. You hate when anyone comes in between you. You want to stay as close to them as physically possible.

3. You’re obsessed with their style. Whenever you see them, you think about how nice they look. You love their hair. Their clothes. Their personality. Their little quirks. You might not realize it’s a crush, but you consider them someone you admire. Someone you would love to get to know better. Someone you prefer to anyone else in the room.

4. You’ve been desperately seeking their approval. You’re careful to craft the perfect texts to them because you want them to think you’re hilarious or intelligent or mysterious or a combination of all three. Whenever you get the chance to see them, you put just as much effort into your appearance. You wouldn’t dream of throwing on whatever is sitting around in your closet. You want them to see you at your best. You want them to be impressed by you.

5. You’re overly excited to spend time with them. Whenever their name appears on your phone, you get excited. More excited than when anyone else on your contact list texts you. And whenever you get the chance to hang out with them in person, you look forward to it all week long because they get you so well. And you hope the feeling isn’t one-sided.

6. You feel amazing whenever they compliment you. Or whenever you make them laugh. Or whenever you come up with a new inside joke to share. You want to have your own secret world with this person — and when anyone else comes along who gets along with them as well as you do, then you get jealous and you’re not sure why.

7. You feel uncomfortable whenever they mention a crush. You either roll your eyes because you feel like that person isn’t good enough for them or you get jealous. If they get into a new relationship, it’s hard to be happy for them because you’d rather have them be with you, whether you realize it or not.

8. You can never get enough of this person. You’re not exactly sure what you want from them, but you know you want to be around them all the time. You know you want even more from them than they’ve already given you. You know there’s something missing and you can’t quite put your finger on what that is — but it’s clearly a crush. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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