X Flirting Tips That Work Way Better Than Corny Pickup Lines

7 Flirting Tips That Work Way Better Than Corny Pickup Lines

1. Walk straight up to them and say hello. This might feel awkward when you’ve never spoken to the person before, but it’s not as weird as you’re imagining. Plus, it won’t make the other person feel as uncomfortable as a pick-up line might. A hello is friendly, it’s safe, it’s unassuming. If they’re attracted to you too, they’ll be excited that you walked over to start a conversation. And if they’re not interested, you should be able to tell pretty quickly.

2. Give them a genuine compliment. Instead of using a random pick-up line on them that would work on anyone you saw, give them a specific, personalized compliment. Tell them how much you like their outfit, their hair, their eyes, their smile. Make them feel good about themselves. Give them a boost in their confidence. Even if they turn you down, at least you’ve brightened their day. That’s something to be proud of.

3. Use your body language to send the right signals. Before you approach them, make eye contact with them. Smile at them. See how they respond. If they seem interested, you can sit close to them. Touch them on the arm when you’re speaking to them or laughing at one of their jokes. Break the touch barrier. Make it clear that you’re interested — but also back off if it seems like they aren’t on the same page.

4. Message them on social media. If you’re too shy to strike up a conversation with them in person, do it over social media. Just don’t leave a like on their picture and assume that’s enough. Leave a flirtatious comment on the post — or DM them to talk about how good they looked. Make it clear that you aren’t liking their photo the same way you’ve been liking photos of your friends and random celebrities. Let them know you’re attracted to them instead of making them guess.

5. Have real, meaningful conversations with them. Pick-up lines might give you the chance to banter back and forth, which is great at first, but you don’t want your connection to be purely superficial. You want to get to know them better. That’s why you should ask them about their life (without digging too deep and making them uncomfortable). Make sure to remember what they tell you so you can reference it in conversation later. They’ll be impressed that you remembered.

6. Be blunt with them about what you want. Using a pick-up line could make it seem like you’re only interested in sex. If you want a real relationship, then ask this person on a real date. Don’t skirt around the word date. Use it in your sentence. Make your intentions clear so there’s no room for misunderstandings. If they like you too, they’re going to be relieved you were so open about what you wanted. And it will encourage them to be open, too.

7. Be yourself. It’s the most cliche advice you could ever hear, but it’s true. You don’t want to trick someone into believing you’res someone you’re not because the relationship will never last. They’re going to see the authentic you eventually. You might as well be honest from the start to make sure they love the real you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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