30 Stupid Little Things That Are Going To Turn Your World Upside Down

30 Stupid Little Things That Are Going To Turn Your World Upside Down

These tidbits from Ask Reddit are going to blow your mind.

1. That the glob of toothpaste you put on a toothbrush has a name. It’s called a nurdle.

2. T-Rexes were born with proportional size arms! Some time during adolescence, their arms just stopped growing.

3. Betty White is older than the queen.

4. The King of Siam tried to give Abraham Lincoln War Elephants to handle the Confederates.

5. Pistachios are closely related to Mangoes! And a non-dried pistachio kind of looks and vaguely tastes like a mini mango.

6. I recently watched a documentary on Hitler’s nephew and how 3 out of 4 of his kids are still living and they made a pact to never have kids. Was mostly about the nephew. Very interesting and gave interesting perspective that people don’t learn about. For those wondering the documentary is The Pact on Netflix.

7. Neanderthals are called Neanderthals because the first Neanderthal skeleton was found in a valley called Neandertal valley.

8. Huge ghostlike lightning strikes called red sprites appear thousands of feet above massive thunderstorms. They are almost as tall as Manhattan NY is long.

9. The 10th president that was in office in 1841 (he was born 1790) his grandson died this week. His grandson!

10. In that iconic line, “Honey, where’s my super suit,” from The Incredibles, Honey isn’t a pet name. Honey is Frozone’s wife’s actual name.

11. Leap years fall on election years. I have told a few people this recently and they said they never noticed the correlation. Not super in-depth or anything but it’s a fun fact to know.

12. A pound cake is called a pound cake because the recipe calls for a pound of each of the four main ingredients.

13. Applying lotion while still wet from the shower and then air drying locks in moisture much better and is better for your skin.

14. The island of Tuvalu owns the domain of .TV. A percentage of their economy comes from that domain. Right now the most popular .TV website is Twitch.tv. They’re making a ton of money off of that website right now.

15. The teeth of marine animals called limpets might be the strongest natural material yet documented—even stronger than spider silk, the previous record holder.

16. When you play just the black notes on a keyboard, you get a pentatonic scale! I’ve been playing the piano for 8 years and I never realized that.

17. Europeans ate mummies for a real long time.

18. Apparently when you’re cremated your “ashes” aren’t from your body like many might think, it’s literally just your teeth and bones ground up that are left over after your body has been totally disintegrated by the 1600+ degree oven.

19. I learned that large fires, like the ones across the west coast, have their own weather system. If the fires get large enough they can cause the weather to change and ever cause fire tornadoes.

20. There’s a whole network of underground tunnels in Downtown Dallas meant for pedestrian traffic to get around the city without having to be out in the sun. Apparently, they’re connected to several major landmarks in the city.

21. St. Jude’s Hospital for Children costs $2.6M a day to run. No one pays a dime for care there and they are responsible for increasing the survivability of one type of leukemia from 4% to 94%. That’s a legacy…

22. US submarines that never returned are listed as ‘still on patrol’ and a message is sent out to them every Christmas to let those lost know they’re not forgotten.

23. Bumblebees don’t live in hives. They nest underground in holes.

24. We experience the “falling effect” when we go to sleep sometimes because your heart slows down a bit too quickly for your brain’s liking. It panics not knowing if your dying or sleeping, so it gives you a boost of adrenaline! That’s why you jolt! Then you can fall asleep after it because your brain knows you were just sleeping.

25. Emergency services in the US can track smartphones really easily and can call the phone and lock it out so no one can hang up the call or turn off the phone.

26. When you are cutting metal (or anything really) with a router, there is a speed you need to be in, no more, no less. One could think that the slower the better, and would be deadly wrong.

27. The herpes simplex virus (cold sores) live in a facial nerve. It lives in your face.

28. Alaska is the westernmost state in the US. It is also the easternmost state in the US.

29. Edith Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson, could be considered the first female US President. After then-President Woodrow Wilson had suffered a stroke, his wife had stepped in to unofficially be the ‘acting President’, all while misleading the public and the President’s administration. She would go on to serve 17 months in this position, until the end of Wilson’s presidency.

30. Some owls sleep on their bellies and it looks hilarious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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