Save Yourself The Trouble And Avoid Dating These 6 Types Of Guys 

Save Yourself The Trouble And Avoid Dating These 6 Types Of Guys 

1. The jealous guy. You might think his jealousy is cute at first. You might think it shows how much he cares about you. But that cuteness won’t last forever. Soon, that jealousy will turn into controlling behavior. He will try to dictate what you’re allowed to wear, who you’re allowed to be friends with, and what time you’re allowed to leave the house. And if you don’t listen to him, there are going to be plenty of fights. Save yourself the trouble and avoid guys who are overly jealous at all costs.

2. The guy with a million crazy exes. Chances are, his exes were perfectly normal. If he is unable to talk about his past relationships in a mature way, how do you think he’s going to talk about you when your relationship ends? Even if you stay together, how do you think he’ll treat you when you’re upset? Will he take your concerns seriously? Or will he assume you’re acting crazy and disregard your feelings completely? You want to be with someone mature enough to take responsibility when they screw up, not someone who passes on the blame to whoever is convenient.

3. The guy with a temper. You shouldn’t have to tiptoe around his feelings to avoid setting him off. You should be able to talk to him about how you’re feeling without worrying about him exploding with rage. If he can’t control his emotions, he’s dangerous. Maybe not physically, but at least emotionally, and that’s bad enough. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you’re forced to lie to keep the peace. You should feel comfortable in your relationship. You should have the freedom to say whatever you need to say.

4. The guy who wants to play the field. If he’s not ready to settle down, there’s nothing you can do to change his mind. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are for each other. It doesn’t matter whether you’re willing to give him everything he’s ever wanted. If he wants to hop from girl to girl, that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He’s not going to delete his dating apps. He’s not going to stop talking to his exes. He’s not going to rise to your expectations. So when he tells you he’s not ready for a relationship, take him at his word. Trying to change his mind is only going to end with a broken heart.

5. The guy who wants another mother. You’re not supposed to be babying him. You’re not supposed to be cooking every meal and washing every dish and taking out every bag of garbage. You are supposed to be equals. You’re not his babysitter and you’re not his mother. If he never pitches in to help you with the chores, he’s not worth your time. You’re giving him much more than you’re getting back from him, and that’s unfair to you. Your relationship should be balanced. You should be putting in the same amount of effort.

6. The guy who begs for a third or fourth chance. He might be worried about losing you right now, but if he really cared, he would’ve been worried about losing you long before now. He wouldn’t have risked upsetting you in the first place. He wouldn’t have dared to hurt you. He wouldn’t have given you reasons to walk away. If this is his first mistake, maybe you can let it slide, but if history keeps repeating itself, you need to get out of there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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