If You're Not Careful, She'll Grow To Resent These X Things

If You’re Not Careful, She’ll Grow To Resent These 9 Things

1. Putting her through heartache. Maybe you don’t want to put a label on your relationship or maybe you’re stuck between her and some other girl. No matter what the case may be, if you’re serious about her, stop putting her through pain. She might like you enough to stick around for now, but it doesn’t mean what you’re doing is right. And it doesn’t mean she’s going to forget it anytime soon.

2. Expecting her to initiate every conversation and plan every date night. Every once in a while, you should take the lead. You should take initiative. Pick the time to meet up. Pick the movie. Pick the restaurant. Take some stress off her shoulders. Show her you’ve been paying attention to what she wants. Whisk her away on the perfect date.

3. Taking from her without even thanking her. Don’t assume she knows how you feel. You have to say it out loud. She deserves to hear it. Make sure you show her that you appreciate everything she does. Otherwise, she’s going to start feeling like you’re taking advantage of her soft heart.

4. Not being there for her when she needs you the most. She might not want to bother you when she’s upset. She might tell you it’s fine to leave her crying in the bathroom to go hang out with your friends. But if you choose other people over her, she’s going to notice. It’s going to hurt her. And she’s going to resent you.

5. Making decisions without consulting her. You’re supposed to be a team. You’re supposed to respect her opinions. You’re supposed to discuss important decisions with her. If you never take her feelings into consideration before you act, she’s going to start questioning how much you actually care.

6. Putting zero effort into your appearance. If she spends hours shaving, doing her makeup, doing her hair, and picking out the perfect outfit, then she’s going to be a little annoyed if you show up for a date without even showering. It’s not actually about the way you look. It’s about how much effort you’re putting in to impress her.

7. Not helping her with any of the chores. Expecting her to handle the bulk of the work is completely unfair. Your relationship should be balanced. You should be putting just as much effort into the household chores as she does. She isn’t your maid. You’re partners. You’re in this together.

8. Wasting too much money. One of the biggest issues serious couples fight about is their finances. If you’re trying to save for a house or are planning on putting money in the bank for your children, she’s not going to be happy if you spend hundreds at the bar or casino every weekend. She’s going to wish you behaved more responsibly.

9. Neglecting her in the bedroom. She deserves to orgasm, too. If you refuse to go down on her or fall asleep as soon as you’re finished without bothering to take her own pleasure into consideration, she’s going to get fed up. Eventually, she’s going to get tired of riding you when she gets nothing in return. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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