30 Surprising Benefits Of Wearing A Mask (Aside From Saving Lives)

30 Surprising Benefits Of Wearing A Mask (Aside From Saving Lives)

Ask Reddit proves wearing a mask is good for more than the obvious reason.

1. If I’m listening to music no one can tell if I’m mouthing the lyrics to all the good bits.

2. I haven’t worn makeup in months.

3. I can wear whatever color lipstick at work and no one will bat an eyelid.

4. It covers my adult acne.

5. Less interaction with people. I don’t have to smile unless I naturally do it and no one likes talking with them on, because it’s a hassle so less talking.

6. I’m an introvert, so it’s like getting to hide in plain sight.

7. I work in retail and I love not having to fake smile at customers.

8. I can mouth the words “fuck you” constantly to anyone and they’re none the wiser.

9. I can freely mutter to myself without fear of people seeing my lips moving.

10. I’m really uncomfortable and self-conscious of my face, especially the lower half. Honestly I wouldn’t mind wearing a mask in public all the time, even if/when this passes.

11. No more allergy attacks when I walk by the trees.

12. Extra sun protection.

13. Because I can wear it in a public restroom. Less smell and I always thought if I could smell it poo particles were getting in my nose and mouth.

14. It’s so much easier to tell if I’ve already talked to someone. It normally takes me a while to “memorize” a persons face but now I can just be like:

“Oh that person has a green mask with polka dots. I saw them yesterday.”

They’re also really cute and I was actually thinking of buying one before all this started.

15. I have a plain white pretty intense face mask that I decided needed some decoration. I drew the MCR logo on it in pen. It came out very good in my opinion! People constantly ask where I bought it. But that’s what I like, the compliments and the connection I’ve made with people because we like the same band.

16. My mouth has a natural frown. It doesn’t reflect my mood, but I get “What’s the matter?” comments a lot. Look at my eyes, it’s all good.

17. People stop telling me to smile.

18. It makes negotiations and awkward conversations at work so much easier! They can’t read my face nearly as well, so I feel way more confident. I love it.

19. A few of my patients said it covers their bad teeth and they feel like they can laugh and smile more with other people without feeling self-conscious.

20. They can’t tell I’m sticking my tongue out at them.

21. I like all of the patterns you can get! I’m 100% behind it being a permanent fixture on my face!

22. Chubby face.

23. Makes me look more masculine, it hides my face which in insecure about and makes my jaw seem more sharp and pronounced. It also brings more attention to my eyes which I’m more confident about.

24. My nose was running the other day it was incredibly embarrassing but I remembered nobody could tell because I was at a CVS with a mask on.

25. My facial hair grows in all patchy but I’m too lazy to shave.

26. Deadpan humor has never been easier.

27. I never realized how many emotions I unintentionally show when not wearing a mask. Now people can’t tell what I’m thinking.

28. I have resting bitch face and it only gets more obvious when someone says something stupid to me, and I deal with a lot of stupidity. This way they can’t actually see the overall wtf? face I’m giving them.

29. People are less likely to recognize me at the Trader Joe’s my sister worked at, and I don’t have to partake in small talk I’m not interested in. I love Trader Joe’s, just hate being distracted from my mission.

30. I used to smile at people when I passed them in public and it would make them smile back at me. Now I still smile because I forget that a mask is covering my face. When I walk away I always remember and think that the person thinks I was staring at them. I think that’s pretty funny so I enjoy wearing a mask out in public. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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