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150+ Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Over Text (+ Printable PDF)

Truth or Dare may be a classic party game, but due to the power of technology, this game can be played at the ready. You can play this game in a group chat or just one-on-one with another player (one-on-one becomes more of a questions game style). With so many truth or dare questions to choose from in this article, you will always be ready for the next round. Here are truth or dare questions to play over text.

Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

Truth Questions

When asking a truth question you want to choose a question that challenges and intrigues the person. A good truth question asks for a truth that the person wouldn’t normally talk about. You can ask funny truth questions, flirty truth questions, dirty truth questions, or any other embarrassing questions that you see fit. With the questions below you will easily be prepared for your next turn.

General Truth Questions

These general truth questions are solid truth or dare questions to use during this great game. Make sure you ask a good question so that you will get a good answer from another player.

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  2. Are you a dog person or a cat person and why?
  3. What is your favorite board game?
  4. What is the weirdest thing that you have ever eaten?
  5. What is your darkest fear?
  6. What is your biggest regret?
  7. Who is your crush?
  8. What are you most self-conscious about?
  9. What lie have you told that actually hurt someone?
  10. What is the scariest dream that you’ve ever had?
  11. Why did you break up with your last boyfriend or girlfriend?
  12. What do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  13. Who have you loved, but they didn’t love you back?
  14. What do you really hope your parents never find out about?
  15. When was the last time you lied?
  16. When was the last time you cried?
  17. What is a secret that you’ve never told anyone?
  18. What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?
  19. What is the most trouble you’ve been in?
  20. What is the meanest thing anyone has ever done to you?
  21. Have you ever cheated on a test?
  22. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  23. Who is your secret crush?
  24. If you suddenly had the power of invisibility, what would you do?
  25. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  26. Are you scared of the dark?
  27. Do you write in a diary?
  28. What is your crush’s personality like?
  29. What do you find the most attractive in a person?
  30. What do you find the least attractive in a person?
  31. What is your greatest fear in a relationship?
  32. How long was your longest relationship?
  33. How do you think other people perceive you?
  34. Do you believe in fate?
  35. Do you believe in soulmates?
  36. Do you believe in karma?
  37. What do you do for fun?
  38. What is the worst advice that you have ever received?
  39. What is the worst thing in your life right now?
  40. What was the strangest dream you have ever had?

Funny Questions

  1. What is the craziest thing you have ever done before?
  2. What is a silly fun fact about yourself?
  3. Tell me about your most awkward date.
  4. What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month?
  5. What is one of the most childish things you still do?
  6. What is the goofiest thing that you have an emotional attachment to?
  7. What is the weirdest thing you have done for a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  8. Have you ever lied to get out of a bad date?
  9. What are some things you think about when you are sitting on the toilet?
  10. Do you pee in the shower?
  11. What animal best represents you?
  12. Have you ever gotten really drunk and done anything silly?

Embarrassing Truth Questions

  1. What is the dumbest thing that you have ever done?
  2. When is the last time you did something embarrassing and what was it?
  3. Have you ever peed yourself? If so, when?
  4. Have you ever pooped yourself? If so, when?
  5. When have you got caught in a lie?
  6. What is your most embarrassing vomit story?
  7. What is the biggest thing that you’ve gotten away with?
  8. Where is the strangest place you have peed?
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing that your parents have caught you doing?
  10. When was the most inappropriate time that you farted?
  11. What is the grossest habit that you have?
  12. What is the most embarrassing nickname that you have had?
  13. What was the last thing you searched on your phone?
  14. Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex?
  15. Do you pick your nose?
  16. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?
  17. Do you ever talk in your sleep or sleep walk?
  18. When was a time that you embarrassed yourself in front of your crush?
  19. Have you ever regretted something you did in order to get a crush’s attention?
  20. What was your weirdest habit as a kid?

Dirty Questions

  1. What are your top three turn-ons?
  2. Who was your first kiss?
  3. What was your strangest sex dream?
  4. Who is the last person you had sex with?
  5. Which famous married couple would you like to have a threesome with?
  6. What is your ideal romantic Valentine’s night?
  7. Which friend’s boyfriend do you think is the cutest?
  8. Have you ever had sex with a random person?
  9. Who in our friend group has the nicest butt?
  10. Who is the last person you made out with?
  11. What is the naughtiest thing that you’ve done in public?
  12. Describe your most recent romantic encounter.
  13. What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
  14. What turns you on?
  15. How old were you when you first masturbated?
  16. Do you have any fetishes?
  17. What do you search for when you watch porn?
  18. How many people have you kissed?
  19. Would you ever date two people at once if you could get away with it? (not cheating, just casually date).
  20. Have you ever sent someone a nude?
  21. Have you ever received nudes?
  22. What’s the most flirtatious thing you’ve ever done?
  23. Have you ever flashed someone?
  24. Have you ever been in a “friends with benefits” situation?
  25. Have you ever practiced kissing in a mirror?
  26. What color and kind of underwear are you wearing right now?
  27. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
  28. How flirty do you think you are around people?
  29. What do you do when you flirt?
  30. How many people have you slept with?

Dare Questions

A dare question over text can be a bit tricky, but you can always FaceTime to show off your dares or take a video using Snapchat. In a truth or dare game, the dare game is always the most challenging and exciting. Use the list below to find some good dares!

General Dare Questions 

  1. Jump up and down as high as you can go for a full minute.
  2. Text me the first word that comes to mind.
  3. Post an old selfie on your Instagram story.
  4. Drink a glass of water while upside down.
  5. Do 30 situps.
  6. Cut some of your hair, even if it is just a small strand.
  7. Chew a piece of gum with the wrapper still on.
  8. Make a sandwich blindfolded.
  9. Eat a spoonful of cinnamon.
  10. Go outside and eat a leaf.

Tip: Need help coming up with a dare? Use this dare generator to help with ideas!

Funny Dares

  1. What is a silly fact about you? Whatever it is, post it on Facebook.
  2. Attempt to do a magic trick and take a video of it.
  3. Do four cartwheels in a row.
  4. Break two eggs on your head.
  5. Put five ice cubes down your pants.
  6. Lick the floor.
  7. Dance with no music for 2 minutes.
  8. Text your last boyfriend or girlfriend a picture of your toe.
  9. Juggle 3 random items.
  10. Make a funny face and send a picture of it.
  11. Drag your butt on the carpet like a dog from one end of the room to the other.
  12. Send the funniest picture of you on your phone.
  13. Eat a raw piece of garlic.
  14. Try to lick your elbow.
  15. Howl like a dog for one minute.
  16. Style your hair in a funny way and take a picture of it.
  17. Eat a spoonful of ketchup.
  18. Eat a whole piece of paper.
  19. Spin around 10 times and try to walk straight.
  20. Dig through the trash and then name everything you find.
  21. Sing a song while eating spoonfuls of peanut butter.
  22. Make a sandwich while blindfolded.
  23. Turn your pants inside out and wear them.
  24. Lick your big toe.
  25. Try to do the full splits.
  26. Do your best yodel.
  27. Wear your pants on your arms for the rest of the game.

Embarrassing Dares

  1. What is an embarrassing fact about you? Whatever it is, post it on Facebook.
  2. Do the worm dance.
  3. Take a shower with your clothes on.
  4. Eat a snack without using your hands.
  5. Try to fit your fist in your mouth.
  6. Stick your hand in the toilet.
  7. Fill your mouth with water and act as a fountain.
  8. Eat a booger.
  9. Chug a glass of milk.
  10. Put as many grapes in your mouth as you can.

Dirty Dares

  1. Wear your underwear on your head for five minutes.
  2. Seductively eat a banana.
  3. Pole dance with an imaginary pole.
  4. Twerk for a minute.
  5. Send a sexy text to the 20th person in your contact list.

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