How Each Zodiac Sign Lets Off Steam When They're Stressed

How Each Zodiac Sign Lets Off Steam When They’re Stressed


You do something artistic. You write or paint or crochet. You create something out of nothing.


You pamper yourself. You draw a bath, light some candles, and turn off your phone for some me time. 


You do something mindless. You play video games or watch a TV show you’ve already seen a thousand times.


You clean your room, the bathroom, your car. You do a total cleanse.


You get drunk. You pour yourself a glass of wine and let yourself forget about your problems for a while.


You bake bread, cookies, brownies, or cakes. You create desserts that you can share — or indulge in when you’re feeling sad again later.


You use retail therapy to feel better again. You treat yourself with a new outfit or set of nails.


You exercise. You run laps or lift weights or go on hikes. You get your body moving.


You have sex — or masturbate. You allow yourself the chance to experience pleasure because you deserve it.


You escape into books. You pick up something interesting and spend your day flipping through pages.


You rant on social media. You get the anger out of your system. You tell the world how you’re feeling.


You call up your friends. You vent. You have long, in-depth conversations to get your worries out of your system. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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