30 Non-Sexual Things That Feel Extremely Sensual  

30 Non-Sexual Things That Feel Extremely Sensual  

These activities mentioned on Ask Reddit aren’t sexual — but they feel like it.

1. When you’re sitting next to someone and they lean over and reach across you to grab something.

2. When anyone raises their arms to stretch and their shirt gets lifted up slightly. It sometimes feel like an unintentional striptease.

3. Having someone else play with your hair.

4. When someone gives you a hand to help you up from a boat to the dock.

5. When a woman does that thing where she tucks her hair behind her ear while making direct eye contact.

6. Having your back scratched.

7. When a girl puts her hand up to yours and remarks on how yours is so much bigger.

8. When you’re sitting next to someone and your shoulders/thighs touch.

9. Certain phrases are very sexually charged. “Make me,” or “What are you gonna do about it.”

10. When something funny happens in a crowd and you make eye contact with a stranger and do that smirk thing. Might as well start taking your pants off when that happens.

11. For me it’s whenever someone touches my neck in any way, I don’t know why but it’s just so sensitive.

12. When someone is putting the car in reverse and they put their hand on the back of your seat.

13. Rolling up sleeves, especially on a button down.

14. If you’re on a pc/laptop, somebody leaning over your shoulder to look at the screen with you. The close proximity of your faces can feel awkwardly sexual.

15. Hugging from behind.

16. Touching someone’s hand by accident in public.

17. Someone breathing down your neck in close quarters.

18. Cuddling, doesn’t have to be sexual by any means, but it surely feels so.

19. When someone’s putting sunscreen on your back.

20. Watching someone practice music. That look of concentration and very controlled movements? Very intimate.

21. Someone other than you removing your glasses from your face.

22. Prolonged, intense eye contact.

23. Being on a plane with someone roughly the same age as you. Sexual tension to the MAX.

24. The guys strapping you in on a roller coaster. Are we gonna kiss? Why are you giving me that eye contact?

25. Whispering in general.

26. I get goosebumps when someone gently and respectfully inspects/handles something of mine. It could be almost anything.

27. Tying someone else’s tie for them.

28. Someone writing on your arm.

29. When I get a deep tissue massage and they work a very problematic knot in my shoulder. My eyes roll back and I try not to cry out. It hurts so bad but feels so good.

30. Dancing, although that can cross into sexual behavior pretty quick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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