26 TikTok Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

26 TikTok Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend

1. Ask him, “Would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or kiss the prettiest girl in the world for 1,000 dollars?” No matter what answer he chooses, ask him who the prettiest girl in the world is.

2. Tell him you want to have a baby with him and see his reaction.

3. Sigh loudly in front of him as if something is wrong. Repeat this again and again until he pays attention to you.

4. Say, “If we broke up, I would get back with my ex.” And see his reaction before reminding him that he would be your ex if you broke up.

5. Walk into the room naked while he’s playing video games. (Preferably while he’s playing with a headset online.)

6. Try to sit on his lap while he’s busy working on the computer.

7. Pretend you’re looking at social media on your phone and say, “Wow. That guy is so hot.”

8. Put your passenger side seat down so it looks like you were having sex in your car. Wait for him to climb inside and realize something is wrong.

9. Give him a fake drink name and ask him to order it for you at Starbucks.

10. Act like you’re annoyed with him and say, “You know, you could’ve been nicer to me today.”

11. Walk up to him, pretending you’ve found out one of his secrets, and say, “Is there something you wanted to tell me?

12. Randomly ask him whether you can look at his phone and see whether he hands it over to you right away.

13. Start dancing with him while he’s busy doing something important, like answering emails or doing a workout, and see how he reacts.

14. Play a fake FaceTime call in front of him and see what he does when he thinks another guy is talking to you.

15. Sit down next to him and say, “Can you pay attention to me?”

16. Ask him what he would do if he was at a party and a hot girl came up to him.

17. Play fake texting sounds on your phone when you leave the room and see if he checks your messages.

18. Act like you’re upset with him and say, “I feel like you could’ve spent more time with me today.”

19. Tell him your ex texted you. Ask him what he thinks you should text back.

20. Tell him that you’re freezing cold and see what he does.

21. Put your hoodie on backwards and stand in front of the fridge backwards so you can scare him when he walks over.

22. Send him an adorable selfie and see what kind of compliments he gives you.

23. Text him asking what kind of clothes he would wear if he was a girl and see what he says. Then ask whether he wishes you would dress more like that.

24. Say, “I’m so hungry” in front of him and see whether he gets you food.

25. Fall down in front of him to see how he reacts.

26. Say, “I love you” out of the blue when he isn’t expecting it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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