X Things That Happen When You're With Someone You Can't Trust

7 Things That Happen When You’re Dating Someone You Can’t Trust

1. You’re going to develop commitment issues. If you can’t trust your partner to stay loyal, then you are going to have trouble committing yourself. You won’t want to grow too attached to them in case they leave. You won’t want to give them a chance to break your heart, so you will keep your distance. You will refrain from acting too vulnerable around them and caring too much, because a part of you expects them to walk away tomorrow and never look back.

2. You’re going to get into constant fights. If you can’t trust your partner, there are going to be a lot of arguments and misunderstandings. Whenever they look at someone else for a second too long or laugh at a text message or check their social media, you are going to assume they are doing something wrong. You are going to assume they are valuing someone else above you.

3. You’re going to get overprotective. You might start setting rules for them to follow because you are worried what will happen if they stay out too late or get too drunk. You don’t trust them alone. You don’t trust them with exes. You don’t trust them at all. You try to keep a tight leash on them because if you stop paying attention, you might get screwed over.

4. You’re going to feel insecure all the time. When you feel like your partner has a wandering eye, you’re going to wonder whether you’re pretty enough, funny enough, interesting enough. Instead of supporting and uplifting the people surrounding you, you are going to view them as your competition. You are going to resent them over it, even though they haven’t done anything wrong. Instead of getting mad at your person, you’re going to get mad at innocent strangers.

5. You’re going to make comparisons. You’re going to be jealous of your partner’s exes and their friends and their celebrity crushes because you’re worried they’re a threat. You’re worried you aren’t as good. You’re worried you aren’t reaching your partner’s expectations. Even if they never make any comparisons out loud, you will assume they are thinking it.

6. You’re going to feel like you are never doing enough. You are going to spend all your time and money trying to make yourself look nice, trying to be sexy in the bedroom, trying to be the perfect partner. You are going to have less time for yourself because you are too busy worrying about them — and you are going to end up resenting them for how hard you have to work in order to keep their attention.

7. You’re going to realize you deserve better. You’re going to realize a relationship doesn’t work without trust. You’re going to realize putting so much effort into a relationship with someone who is only giving you half of their heart is not worth the trouble. You should be with someone who wants you and only you. Someone who is telling the truth when they promise never to hurt you. Someone who believes you’re perfect, and has no interest in pursuing anyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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