30 Signs Your Confidence Is Dangerously Low

30 Signs Your Self-Confidence Is Dangerously Low And You Need To Learn To Love Yourself 

If you relate to these behaviors mentioned on Ask Reddit, your confidence is a little too low. You need to work on loving yourself.

1. Using 80 filters and hiding your face when posting a picture in social media.

2. Starting every conversation with “I’m sorry” or “maybe I’m wrong, but…”

3. Liking someone and immediately thinking: “He would never go for someone like me.”

4. Taking the blame automatically in every bad situation, even if all evidence shows they had no contribution towards the problem. And not even putting a fight about, just assuming they’re wrong always.

5. Lying about everything. Or just pretending to like something because that’s what majority of other people in the group like. I see this all the time and it’s infuriating.

6. Constant self-deprecating comments.

7. “I have to look at what other people do in order to know if I should do it or am allowed to go somewhere.”

8. Taking back a cheating guy.

9. Talking very quietly.

10. Lack of direct eye contact.

11. Immediately viewing someone who knows something you don’t as challenging you intellectually.

12. Constantly trying to one-up everyone’s stories.

13. Someone who acts to please everybody and must be surrounded by friends because they only have confidence through others’ approval.

14. Belittling those below you.

15. Caring how many likes you get on social media.

16. A TON of makeup. I’m not talking about bold or colorful looks, which I personally find fabulous and creative, more like, thickly painted foundation because NO ONE MUST KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SKIN.

17. Walking around hunched over and having your hair covering your face.

18. Covering their mouth with their hand while they speak.

19. Fishing for compliments.

20. Laughing after everything you say. “How are you, hahaha” or “I’m really hungry ahaha.”

21. Staring at someone but never saying a word.

22. Talking about how amazing you are. Like, who are you trying to convince, me or yourself?

23. Writing a comment and them immediately deleting it out of fear of what people might say.

24. Constantly bragging about how much sex you get.

25. Interpreting every social interaction as a personal attack.

26. Being unable to admit you’re being used.

27. Apologizing constantly for everything even if it had nothing to do with you.

28. Replying to your own post or comment to make it look like it has traction….

29. Expecting the worst from yourself and putting up impossibly high standards for your goals and achievements. Which basically translates to constantly thinking, “This ___ I made sucks” while wanting to improve but feeling like you can’t.

30. Being mean in general. People often see being nice as a sign of weakness. The truth is it takes great strength to deal with all the crap this world throws at everyone and still choose to be kind.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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