33 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse  

33 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

If there’s a zombie apocalypse, you can’t forget to pack these necessities mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. Motorcycle gear. Motorcycle pants, jackets, and gloves are designed to prevent road rash injuries and are really tough. Wearing them (especially if you also use the helmet) makes you immune to bites.

2. Towels. Nobody thinks about wrapping their arms in them. Try to bite through a towel, zombie.

3. A good water filtration device like a Lifestraw or Sawyer Mini. One of them can often filter thousands of gallons of water without a hiccup. You can only go a few short days without clean drinking water, so it’s pretty likely that you’d die of dehydration before a zombie actually kills you.

4. A bike. It’s fast, silent, uses no fuel, is able to move on blocked roads and can be easily carried if you have to proceed on foot.

5. A compass, you can guarantee GPS will be down and navigation is so important, you could also throw a map in here too but I’m guessing they wouldn’t be too uncommon and you’d probably want to avoid densely populated places which maps tend to cover.

6. Cat or dog food, it’s completely safe to eat and usually this wouldn’t even be on anyone’s zombie apocalypse shopping spree list. So while everyone is killing each other over pizza rolls, sub sandwiches, and brains, here you are with your delicious premium chicken flavored cat food.

7. Shovels. Can be used as digging traps, for gardening, as a weapon, and burying bodies.

8. A good pair of running shoes goes a long way.

9. A slingshot. With a little practice the slingshot can take out small game (squirrels, birds, maybe rabbits if you’re good enough). It makes very little noise. And you can pick up ammunition (small stones, ball bearings, nuts/bolts, etc) from basically anywhere.

10. Boats. I know some of them have people on big yachts in the ocean but really a small boat on a lake would be safe from zombies. Even a canoe you could anchor in the middle of a lake and sleep in.

11. A book on local edible plants and mushrooms.

12. Olive oil for both cooking and for leaving a nice slippery patch for any of the un-dead to fall on.

13. A small toolkit. Few screwdrivers and a hand drill and you can quietly pull apart or mend most things.

14. A crowbar, works as a tool in its own right for opening doors and for levering things open and is also an effective melee weapon.

15. Wire cutters. Because lots of media operate under the belief that a chain-link fence is a nontrivial barrier.

16. Spears. Everyone imagines using a gun or a sword but in reality spears are the best weapon to use. They’re easy to make, relatively easy to use compared to other weapons, require less rare materials than other weapons, and most importantly can keep zombies at a distance and minimize your chances of being bitten. Also with some practice you can learn to throw a spear to hunt game. Spears may not be the most flashy weapons, but they are the most useful.

17. A garage with lifts. Unless they get smart enough they can’t bring down the lifts. You can lift a car and sleep in it for safety. And it’s filled with heavy objects to throw and use as weapons.

18. A journal, can keep track of your supplies and other stuff.

19. Grain alcohol. You can disinfect with it, it’s a great cleaner and solvent, you can use it for fuel (vehicle, light, or warmth), you can drink it.

20. A tarp:

  • Windbreak in a survival shelter.

  • Roof of a survival shelter.

  • Water collection.

  • Water distillation.

  • Burial shroud.

  • Emergency source of fabric if you need to pull apart the weave.

21. Some books. You’re going to start getting real bored real quick.

22. Floss. Gingivitis doesn’t take a holiday, friends.

23. Salt and sugar. Salt-cured/candied food is more calorie-dense, easy to carry while traveling, and lasts years.

24. A saucepan. You can cook, you can kick, you can store stuff in it.

25. A glasses repair kit. if I break my glasses during a zombie apocalypse I’m most definitely fucked.

26. Spices. Basic spices.

27. I’d have to say seeds, or like any form of crops. Farming seems surprisingly difficult to do, and I don’t see a lot of the movies really trying it when it comes to survival.

28. A bowl. It helps you capture water and offers you a place to cook and eat.

29. Cloth. You can patch yourself up if you don’t have bandages, make molotov cocktails, clean yourself with it and other stuff.

30. Duct tape. In Walking Dead season 3, the Governor’s assistant wrapped duct tape around his arms to armor against zombie bites. it was effective too. Made me wonder why the rest of the Governor’s men weren’t doing it.

31. Chain mail. The types they use for sharks would be awesome. If a shark can’t get through then a zombie has no chance.

32. Tie a rope with any object like a simple padlock. Now you have a meteor hammer or just swing it like a basic flail.

33. A book on basic survival techniques, sort of like a boy scouts book or something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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