30 Stupidly Simple Compliments To Give Your Boyfriend (Because He's Desperate To Hear Them)

30 Stupidly Simple Compliments To Give Your Boyfriend (Because He’s Desperate To Hear Them)

Some men from Ask Reddit have revealed which compliments they wish their partners would give them more often.

1. I’m lucky to be with you.

2. You make me feel safe.

3. Nice ass.

4. I appreciate you.

5. You’re really witty.

6. You’re attractive!

7. You matter.

8. I’m really proud of you.

9. You’re really sweet.

10. You’re doing a good job.

11. You have a really nice complexion.

12. You’re beautiful.

13. I really appreciate all the hard work you do to make sure our family has everything we need… thank you.

14. I like your hair.

15. You have such beautiful eyes!

16. You look fine as hell.

17. No one can replace you.

18. I love how loyal you are.

19. I want my baby to have your eyes.

20. I wish I knew more people like you.

21. You make me feel comfortable.

22. Wow, you’re so big.

23. You’ve grown some muscle.

24. You make me laugh.

25. Your hair is soft.

26. I respect you.

27. I love you.

28. You’re breathtaking.

29. You’re an amazing dad.

3o. Damn. You cut the shit out of that grass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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