how to tell if a girl likes you

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You (At School, Work, More) [2022]

In the world of social media, dating apps, and lots of mixed signals, it can be hard to tell when or if someone likes you. If you’re a guy or a girl and have a crush on a girl, you most likely want to start or continue a conversation with her and see where it can go. But how can you tell if she feels the same way about you? Well, here are a few signs:

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You As More Than A Friend

She’ll talk and show affection through her body language. 

Body language is the biggest sign in understanding humans and their behavior. If you’re trying to figure out if someone likes you or not, take a look at their body language. 

If a girl likes you, make note of the ways in which she’ll show it. She’ll make eye contact with you, especially when you’re having a conversation. If she’s a shy girl, she might look at you, smile, and then look away. She’ll run her fingers through her hair or bite her lip. She’ll turn her body towards you as a means of giving you her attention

You might even notice that subtle hint of her flirting and showing her interest with the touch barrier. She’ll find a reason to touch your arm, shoulder, or hand. If you tell a joke and she laughs at it–even if it’s not that funny–and maybe she puts her hand on your shoulder, it means you’ve grabbed her interest one way or another. 

She’ll be adjusting herself and her clothes. 

First and foremost: a woman does not dress or look a certain way for anyone but herself. If she is putting on makeup or curling her hair for a date, it’s because she wants to or because that’s when she is feeling her best. If you think she’s putting a little TLC into her appearance for you, that’s where you’re wrong. 

Now, if you are on a date and you see her adjusting her clothes or tucking her hair behind her ear or just generally fidgeting, there’s a good chance that there is a part of her that is aware of how she looks and if she’s making a good impression. Yes, she does know she’s a queen, but she also hopes you think so too. 

So if you think she’s beautiful (and she probably is), tell her. Compliment her shirt, her eye makeup, her smile. Tell her you love the freckles on her cheeks or the way her hair curls. She’ll appreciate it because here’s some truth about humans: we all want to be appreciated every once in a while. 

She’ll make an effort to get to know you. 

If she asks a personal question (or two or three or four) about your personal life, it’s a sure sign that she’s interested in who you are. She’ll ask about your relationship status to make sure she’s not stepping on any toes of another romantic interest in your life. 

If it’s you she wants and it’s true love she’s going for, she will want to connect with you. She wants to go beyond surface level and talk about things that matter to you and to her. She’ll ask questions about your family, friends, interests, hobbies, goals. She’ll ask about your past relationships and if you ever want to fall in love again. She’ll want to know your likes and dislikes. She’ll remember the things you talk about, too, even if they’re little things that you don’t think will matter to her much. 

She’ll make the first move.

Some guys have a hard time noticing when a girl likes them. Recognizing the ways in which a girl flirts is harder for those who are friends because sometimes there can be a blurred line between friendliness and flirting

Are you a guy and do you have a female friend that you think might have a crush on you? She might try to get out of the “friend zone.” She’ll laugh at your jokes, she’ll text you, she’ll give you close attention, she’ll make an effort to hang out with you. Another sign to tell if she likes you is if she says something along the lines of “I like our friendship but I think I’m developing a crush on you.” 

She’ll give you attention

Let’s get something straight here: if a woman likes you, you. will. know. 

If she’s texting you and it seems like she’s really engaging in a conversation–or trying to, at least–it’s because she wants to talk to you! She might ask about your day and she will want to tell you about hers. She might send selfies on Snapchat or funny memes on Instagram. 

If you see her at a party, she’ll look in your direction until she gets the courage to talk to you. If you see her at a bar, she might smile and give you that flirty eye. If you’re on a date and she puts her phone away to give you her undivided attention, it means you’ve grabbed her interest one way or another and that she’s happy to be there with you. 

She’ll want to spend time with you. 

If a girl wants to see a guy, she’ll make that obvious and she’ll do so by asking! Whether it’s getting coffee, going out to dinner, walking in a park, or watching a movie together, she’s taking the time out of her day to spend time with you. 

She’ll care about making a good impression on the people in your life. 

If a girl likes you, she’ll make an effort into getting on the good side of your friends and family and coworkers. She’ll want to have some semblance of a relationship with your best friend or your mom because they are people in your life that matter to you! 

She’ll open up and show her true self to you.  

If a woman likes you, she’ll let you see all the sides to her, all the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’ll see when she’s on her period and curled up in bed in a big tshirt; when she’s frustrated with a coworker; when she’s excited about seeing a puppy on the street; when she’s happy about the new pair of jeans that make her look (and feel!) good. When she likes you, she will evidently start to feel more comfortable around you and she’ll be more likely to show her quirks and her insecurities. 

She’ll tell her friends about you. 

If it’s not obvious already, but when a girl really likes you, she’ll tell her best friend about you. You won’t know it unless she says something or the friend makes their presence known, but she might tell you in a quick, casual way, “I told my friend how you don’t like pineapple and we both think it’s weird!” And let’s be honest, that wasn’t all she told her friend. She gave her the 4-1-1: what your name is, where you live, what you do for a living or where you go to school, how long you two have been talking, a little quirky thing that makes you stand out from other guys. 

She also might tell you how she’s “mentioned you before” to her friends and roommates and that she wants you to meet them. This is a sign that she needs the stamp of approval from some important people in her life!  

She’ll tell you she likes you. 

An interested woman will tell you that she’s interested. 

If she’s acting cold or distant with one-worded texts or not putting in an effort to see you, it’s because she’s not feeling you–and that’s okay. You should take those social cues to give her her personal space and move on! 

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Through Text or Online

If you’re having a conversation with a girl online–texting, through social media, like Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, or on a dating app–it might be a little harder to tell if she’s flirting or giving a sign of interest. Sometimes it’s hard to translate the way people talk in person vs. through social media

If a girl likes you and is flirting through the phone one way or another, she might ask to FaceTime or talk on the phone. She might also ask for you to send pictures or videos of you–selfies, gym mirror pics, videos of you cuddling with your dog. She wants to see your face and hear your voice–it’s a way for her to feel closer to you without being together in person. Another good sign that she might be interested in you is if she says things like, “I wish I was with you” or “if I was there with you right now…” This is a sign that she’s thinking about you and wanting to spend time with you. 

Remember: don’t send dick pics unless she specifically says she would love to see your dick through the phone. No woman ever wants to receive an unsolicited dick pic. That’s harassment. If she wants to see it, she’ll ask you. 

If you’ve been having a conversation with a girl online and you’ve never met her in person before, expect that she’s going to do some digging on you through social media. She’ll look for your Facebook and if you have an Instagram. Why is this such a big deal though? Well, she needs to know that you’re not a creepy 60-something-year-old man trying to catfish and kidnap her. This is a very real, very scary thing, and she’s just trying to protect herself. So if she knows something about your life that you didn’t expect her to know, don’t be too weirded out–it’s probably something she stumbled upon while trying to confirm that you were real. This isn’t something you’ll know unless she admits it, but it’s definitely a thing she’ll do. She’s curious about you and what your deal is. 

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You At Work

We know what you’re thinking: Does she like me back or is she just being friendly?

If there’s a girl at work that you have a crush on and are curious if she likes you back, it’s important to respect each others’ personal space before diving headfirst into something. Office romances can be tricky and the last thing you want is for there to be tension every time you go into a meeting.

With that being said, if there’s a girl at work who you think may or may not like you, look for the signs. If you catch her looking at you or smiling at you in a meeting or when you’re passing each other in the hallway, this is a sign that she might be interested in you. Maybe she finds a reason to come up to you at your desk for mindless chit-chat or she brings you a new cup of coffee because she noticed your mug was empty. If she maintains eye contact when you talk to her and asks questions about your life, that’s a good sign she’s interested in your life outside of the office. If she’s bold, she’ll ask you upfront if you’re single or would want to do something after work.

Whether or not she shows the signs at work, just be respectful of her and the office space and be careful of the potential repercussions. If you think the woman at work might like you, just ask her or wait for her to tell you that she does. Remember: one little sign doesn’t mean you have the green light to shoot your shot in love.

When a woman likes a man, she will do what she needs to do in order to get his attention and she’ll make it obvious that she wants to pursue him as a love interest. However, if it’s not obvious with these signs, it doesn’t hurt to ask if she feels the same way you feel about her.

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