30 People Get Real About The *Actual* Reason They're Single 

30 People Get Real About The *Actual* Reason They’re Single 

These single men and women from Ask Reddit are SO relatable.

1. Because I can’t seem to believe that anyone would want a woman like me. So I just bury myself in work and focus on getting degrees instead.

2. I wanted to get my shit together before having to deal with someone else’s shit.

3. I suck at starting conversations. I enjoy talking and don’t think I’m too socially awkward, but I just don’t like being the one to start.

4. I’m uglier than my inappropriately high standards.

5. I am unable to make the first move. Some kind of fear prevents me from doing it. I wait too long and heartbreak ensues.

6. As soon as I start to like someone, I go crazy and then self-sabotage hard.

7. I like being single. I like the peace and quiet of it. Sometimes, someone outweighs the benefits of that, but usually, not.

8. My self-confidence is at an all time low.

9. I still miss someone else…

10. Because I’m not the person you end up with, I’m the person that gets you to the one you’re supposed to end up with. Nobody has seen me as the choice, only an option.

11. I think I approach it the wrong way. I come off as just wanting to be friends so it probably puts people off thinking that I’m not interested in them in the relationship kind of way.

12. I want to learn to love myself before I try loving a significant other.

13. Because I’m terrified of commitment and it’s not fair to the other person to get into a relationship that I’ll probably break off as soon as it starts getting too serious.

14. I think I subconsciously go after people that I know are unavailable because I’m too scared of a relationship actually working out.

15. I’m a chronic loner. I don’t like big groups of people, so I rarely go to bars/clubs.

16. I’m useless at reading people. What is flirting?!?

17. Because online dating is equal parts boring, exhausting, and annoying.

18. I’m scared of being taken advantage of again.

19. I prioritize my alone time, I enjoy doing my own thing and not being tied down.

20. I’m not comfortable in my own skin. How could someone else like me if I don’t even like myself?

21. I don’t trust anyone. At all. Not even my own mother. Not a soul on this miserable rock has my trust and never will.

22. I don’t like people.

23. I don’t put any work into my appearance or how I conduct myself.

24. I’m addicted to internet porn.

25. Single life is just so stress free and relaxed. I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself.

26. I get tired of people and want to be left alone for long periods of time. That’s not great for relationships.

27. I am extremely scared to hurt another person. Also I’m not willing to be vulnerable, to open up.

28. I’m emotionally exhausted.

29. No one finds me attractive.

30. I’m in love with someone who doesn’t love me the same way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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