7 Reminders For Girls Without A Valentine (Again)

7 Reminders For Girls Without A Valentine (Again)

1. This holiday isn’t an excuse to hate on yourself (or hate on love). It might feel like you’re never going to find anyone. Like there’s no point in continuing your search for love because every time you grow attached to someone they disappoint you. But you’re going to find a perfect match. You’re going to find someone who fits you better than all the boys who came before. You’re going to get there. It might not happen by this Valentine’s Day — but it could happen by the next one.

2. Being single for a long stretch of time doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. You might be used to celebrating Valentine’s Day on your own by now. You might not remember the last time you were dating someone around this time of year. Maybe you never have dated around this time of year. But that doesn’t mean you’re unattractive or unintelligent or unwanted. It doesn’t mean you’re too screwed up to find love.

3. You have permission to take a break from social media. If you’re down about being single (which is allowed, and doesn’t make you any less strong) then you can take a step back from Facebook and Instagram for the day. Don’t expose yourself to cutesy pictures of couples your age. Don’t put yourself through extra pain. Spare yourself.

4. You don’t need a partner to celebrate love. Remember when you were little and your parents would be your valentine? Or when you would hand out cards to every single kid in your class, making your friends your valentines? This day doesn’t have to be romantic. It doesn’t have to be about going out on a fancy date and drinking wine. It can simply be about spending time with the people who mean the most to you, the people who would never hurt your heart.

5. You’re not missing out on as much as you think. Realistically, most people are working on Valentine’s Day. They might get a bouquet of flowers and post a cute picture or two, but they’re probably not going out on some big, romantic excursion. The things you think you’re missing out on aren’t things that any of your couple friends are even doing. Romcoms are not real life. Neither is social media.

6. No one else notices you’re single. Don’t feel embarrassed about the fact you’re single. No one else is pitying you. No one else is judging you. If they are, then you seriously need to reconsider the type of people you hang out with. Your relationship status isn’t a big deal. Not today. And not on Valentine’s Day.

7. You are lovable. Sometimes, you need to be reminded that the reason you’re single has nothing to do with your lovability. It has to do with compatibility. You simply haven’t found a good match yet. You haven’t found the right person for you. That’s not your fault. It’s entirely out of your control. So don’t give up. There’s someone out there who is perfect for you — and even if you don’t find them for a while, you’re already kicking ass on your own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.