What Makes Someone A Good, Softhearted Person? 

What Makes Someone A Good, Softhearted Person? 

According to Ask Reddit, this is how to tell whether someone is a good person (or at least trying to be):

1. Respect. Respect for other people, animals, and the earth.

2. Honesty. If people are honest with themselves, then they can see that the flaws in others are just part of being human, and not really flaws, or something to be judged. They no longer feel they are the most important person, but that they are part of a whole, and everyone and everything must be cared for and preserved.

3. IMO, a person who treats fellow human beings with kindness and compassion regardless of their circumstances, beliefs, or looks. Not out of some God fearing belief that they would otherwise go to hell, but out of a life ethos that we are all special and in this together.

4. Someone who always does what they know is the best thing for as many people as possible rather than what is the best thing for just themselves. Even when it might be difficult and inconvenient for them to do so.

5. They make people feel included, appreciated, and valued.

6. They act respectfully, they don’t put people down to put themselves up, and occasionally help people become better people themselves.

7. Generally speaking, being empathetic.

Not only when someone is feeling down, but also when someone wronged you or does something that you disapprove of.

Put yourself in their shoes and try to see it from their perspective, without any objective thoughts that could cloud your view.

An open mind is always the doorway to a warm and loving heart.

8. Someone who also thinks of what others want and not just themselves.

9. Doing a good deed just because it needs to be done, not for any recognition or fame. Looking for good deeds as well, no matter how small.

10. When they show a relatively consistent pattern of trying to better themselves and/or others.

11. You are how you act. If you act kindly toward people, then you are a kind person. Doesn’t matter what you’re like on the inside. If you are an asshole to people, then you are an asshole.

12. Saying thank you to your bus drivers. Sometimes it’s just small things.

13. Integrity. When someone can do things that they know are right, when no one is there to watch them or thank them for doing it. That, to me, is the essence of a truly good natured human being.

14. You always do what’s right and you set a great example for people around you. Obviously it’s the big things like not stealing or cheating but also little things. If you open your car door and you dent someone’s door, you go inside that location and find the person so they can send you the bill.

15. Volunteering – if you go out of you way to helps others.

16. Having tough conversations with people who don’t want to hear what you have to say but need to hear it. It may cause them to dislike you, but you know it’s best for them in the long-term and no one else is going to tell them.

17. You stand up to bullies and look out for those who cannot.

18. The ability to reflect on and change negative behavior.

19. Knowing how to deliver a meaningful apology.

20. When someone does a kind thing without the intention of getting anything back

21. The ability to listen to others, understand their opinions, and discuss with them on why that is without seeming prejudiced.

22. Someone who is genuinely considerate of others. Before they speak, act, make decisions, etc, they think about how it will affect those around them.

23. They don’t play with other people’s emotions.

24. They don’t talk behind people’s backs.

25. Listening to your problems, asking questions, and validating your feelings.

26. Manners are a key factor.

27. Doing what is right, even if everyone is against them, and being kind, even if they feel they are so drained and have nothing to give anymore.

28. I get interrupted a lot when I’m talking and I’m too burnt out to do anything about it. I usually either immediately stop talking or I finish my sentence with nobody listening anyway.

There are people who will look at me, and then say, “Sorry, you were interrupted, what did you say?” And redirect the conversation to me. Or they would split off and have a side convo.

This small action shows me that they are compassionate. They don’t have to do that but they took the time to make sure I didn’t feel invisible.

29. Impact. It’s the lasting positive impression you leave throughout the world with your interactions.

30. Just trying not to be a bad person is good enough. Being good will come naturally if it is something that a person wants to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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