60 'Drink If...' Questions That Will Get You Tipsy With Your Closest Friends

60 ‘Drink If…’ Questions That Will Get You Tipsy With Your Closest Friends

Pass these questions around and take turns reading them aloud: 

1. Drink if you’ve posted a picture with me on social media within the last month.

2. Drink if you have my number saved under a nickname instead of my real name.

3. Drink if you’ve seen me naked.

4. Drink if you’ve acted as my wingman before.

5. Drink if you have my phone number memorized.

6. Drink if you’ve held back my hair while I’ve thrown up before.

7. Drink if you’ve watched my Instagram story today.

8. Drink if you’re wearing the same color outfit as me.

9. Drink if you know both my parents’ names.

10. Drink if you know my middle name.

11. Drink if you went to elementary school with me.

12. Drink if you’ve ever had a crush on someone I’ve dated.

13. Drink if you’ve ever been to a concert with me.

14. Drink if you’ve ever been on a road trip with me.

15. Drink if you’ve ever gotten high with me.

16. Drink if you’ve ever danced with me.

17. Drink if you’ve ever sang karaoke with me.

18. Drink if you’ve been drunk in an Uber with me.

19. Drink if I’ve ever made you laugh until your stomach hurt.

20. Drink if you’ve heard me having sex through the walls before.

21. Drink if you’ve been to the beach with me.

22. Drink if we’ve ever bingewatched a show together (or at the same time).

23. Drink if you’ve ever been to the gym with me.

24. Drink if we’ve ever worn matching bracelets or shirts.

25. Drink if you went to college with me.

26. Drink if you’ve ever called me in the middle of the night asking for advice.

27. Drink if we’ve ever gotten manicures together.

28. Drink if you’ve ever beat me at a video game.

29. Drink if you’ve seen me cry.

30. Drink if you’ve sent me a text today.

31. Drink if you’ve ever sent me a physical letter in the mail.

32. Drink if you’ve ever been my designated driver.

33. Drink if you can’t pull up a picture of me on your phone right now.

34. Drink if you’re in a group chat with me on Facebook.

35. Drink if you’ve ever seen me in my underwear.

36. Drink if you went to high school with me.

37. Drink if you’ve ever borrowed clothing of mine.

38. Drink if you’ve seen a movie with me within the last month.

39. Drink if you’ve slept over my house before.

40. Drink if you’re wearing the same color lipstick as me.

41. Drink if you live less than twenty minutes away from me.

42. Drink if you grew up in the same town as me.

43. Drink if we have a song that represents our friendship.

44. Drink if you’ve already taken a selfie with me today.

45. Drink if you’ve known me for more than five years.

46. Drink if you have the same color eyes as me.

47. Drink if you have the same color hair as me.

48. Drink if you have more piercings than me.

49. Drink if you have more tattoos than me.

50. Drink if your cup is more full than mine.

51. Drink if you’ve complimented me today.

52. Drink if you’ve hugged me today.

53. Drink if you’ve liked one of my photos this week.

54. Drink if you have my birthday memorized.

55. Drink if you follow me on Twitter.

56. Drink if you follow me on Instagram.

57. Drink if you actually know my email address.

58. Drink if you have an embarrassing picture of me on your phone.

59. Drink if you’ve ever celebrated the holidays with me.

60. Drink if you consider me one of your best friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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